Tagine with white fish and carrot salad with clementines

Tagine with white fish and carrot salad with clementines

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Hydrate the couscous in 2 cups of hot water, along with the lemon and mint stalks and cover.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan and add the crushed garlic, olives, harissa, anchovies, mashed potatoes and lemon broken into pieces.

Cover the saffron with hot water.

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the fish, roll and add to the sauce, and place the saffron on top and pour the water in which it was hydrated.

Cover the pan and simmer for 8 minutes.

Fry the sesame seeds in an oil-free pan until they begin to release flavors.

Grate the carrots, clean the clementines and cut them into slices, break the mint leaves and mix with the carrots and clementines. Sprinkle the salad with olive oil and lemon juice and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Mix the yogurt with the harissa.

Serve the couscous with fish, sauce and salad, sprinkled with coriander leaves.


In a bowl, mix the chopped onion, olive oil, pepper, cinnamon and ginger.

After we mix them well, we put the meat in the bowl and roll it in the marinade until it is covered everywhere.

Then we put the meat in a deep and wide pan (if we don't have a special tagine bowl), together with the butter, tomatoes, water and almonds and bring everything to a boil.

Let everything boil covered, over low heat, approx. 1 hour and a half and another 30 minutes later, without a lid.

During this time we can deal with couscous, which is extremely simple. Pour the hot soup over the couscous, add the butter and let it cover for about 10 minutes. The couscous should absorb all the soup, swell and be soft and yummy. We then mix it with chopped parsley and olives and that's it. We eat it with tagine.

How to prepare lentil salad with green onions

For the hot lentil salad, I first boiled the dried lentils for 15 minutes in boiling salted water. I strained it and drained it through a sieve.

After it drained I transferred the boiled (hot) lentils to a bowl and added the large chopped green onions, salt, pepper, lemon juice and peel and pumpkin oil (which tastes great!). At the end I put a handful of chopped green parsley.

I mixed well and left the lentil salad aside (a few minutes) so that the flavors have time to blend.

Tagins with white fish and carrot salad with clementines - Recipes

I had several oranges and I decided to make a fruit salad, until my eyes fell on the recipe from the magazine Secrets of the kitchen no. 3/2014. And then I made this recipe with carrots. It is very different from this Carrot Salad, it is sweeter and crispier -) I say try it :-)

350g carrots,
50g raisins,
1 yellow bell pepper,
2 oranges,
1/2 lemon,
4 tablespoons peeled seed mixture,
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

1. Soak the raisins in lemon juice mixed with olive oil. I didn't put oil.

2. I chose hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds, all raw, which I pulled into a fat-free pan, then left to cool.

2. Peel and grate the carrots. Peel a carrot, grate it and cut it in half.

Peel the oranges and peel the slices, removing the white skins. Keep two slices of orange peeled for decoration. So, it is good to have more oranges at hand -)

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. I gave up the peppers. Mix the carrots with the raisins and their marinade, pepper, a little sugar, salt and pepper. I didn't put anything.

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and sprinkle with seeds before serving.

I also put strips of peeled lemon peel on the white side. Which I ate, of course -)

I served it with an oranjada -) Orange juice and a little lemon juice, with slices of orange and lemon. Unsweetened!


Prepare an oven tray, in which we put the beef tails and sprinkle them with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, mix them by hand to make sure they are well covered with spices and put them in the preheated oven at 220 degrees for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, chop the carrot, garlic, parsnip and leek and put them in a pan with a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Add the bay leaves, cloves, rosemary and thyme, mix and let everything cook over low heat for 20 minutes. We must be careful to always stir during this time, so that the vegetables do not stick to the bottom of the pan. If necessary, we can add a little water.

When the 20 minutes have passed, add the flour over the vegetables and mix well.

Pour the wine and tomatoes and mix.

We put the beef tails and soup and bring everything to a boil. Cover the pot with a lid and transfer it to the oven, at 170 degrees, for 4 hours. During this time, check that it does not stick.

At the end we add the Worcestershire sauce. The meat will be soft and will fall slightly off the bones. I think it's one of the best stews I've eaten.

What ingredients do we use for the pike broth, pikeperch, white fish recipe?

  • -1 kg over white
  • -600 g pink potatoes
  • -2-3 carrots
  • -salt
  • -1 hot peppers

How do we prepare the recipe for white fish brine (pikeperch, pike)?

  1. To start, boil the vegetables, add just enough water to cover them. Add a teaspoon of salt to the water. Also now we add a hot pepper, I used a small, dry one. Cover the pot with a lid and let it boil.
  2. After the potatoes have boiled, add a little more water, so that we can add the fish to the pot.
  3. I cut the fish into three pieces, being very large, I cut the pieces so that they fit in the pot. We add it and make sure it is covered by water. It will boil in 10-15 minutes.
  4. We check if the fish is cooked, simple: we grab a wing of the fish, and if it comes off easily, the fish is boiled and the white fish broth is ready.
  5. Remove the fish and vegetables from the pot. In the remaining juice we can make a polenta.

That's about it. The procedure is similar to Malasolca.

Presentation and serving recipe for Pike Rasol, pikeperch, white fish of any kind

Place the fish on the plate, with the vegetables next to it. Mandatory with polenta, and to slide well on the neck, do not forget about one sauce good or a horseradish sauce .

Swallow in sec. I have a pike in the freezer, I think I'm brushing these days, or maybe salted with mayonnaise . Let's see what my family wants me to do.

Without salt and hot peppers, it is an excellent dietary food. And other vegetables can be added, as desired: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini & hellip

And here you have the video recipe step by step, to see exactly how I make the white fish brushing.

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Pike broth, salami, white fish, Dobrogea recipe, dietetics

Duck legs in two ways

Duck meat is an alternative to the classic chicken, much tastier. The world is accustomed especially to the perfectly prepared duck breast, but why not go to other components of it, such as the thighs? So we have prepared here two options to use duck meat in an easy and effective way.

Candied duck legs

Take the duck legs and clean them well, because they may have traces of feathers. For 4 thighs, prepare 4 bay leaves, a sprig of rosemary, 4 sprigs of thyme, 3 cloves of garlic in shell and 10 black peppercorns. Add orange peel and lime peeled with the peeler, taking care to take as little of the white part of the peel, and salt, obviously. All this must be put either in duck fat, bought from the city, or sunflower oil. Place the thighs in the pot and add the spices, and then pour oil so that it is 2 cm above the meat. Cover the pot with foil and place in the preheated oven at 90 degrees for 8 hours or overnight.

When they are ready, they are either eaten immediately or the legs are put in jars. Put one leg in the jar and pour the fat on top. Close with a lid and bring to a boil in a bain marie. If you don't want to preserve them, the meat lasts in that fat, in the fridge and for up to a month.

Either eat them a few days later or a few months later, remove the legs from the fat and bake them for 20 minutes, until they heat up and catch a delicious crust.

Asian duck

And this time we use the duck legs, so don't forget to clean them well.

4 legs are boiled either in water (2 liters) or, preferably, in basic vegetable soup, 300 ml soy sauce, with 2 stars of anise, 4-5 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of chopped ginger and 4 tablespoons brown sugar. We cook them for an hour, until the duck is about 80% cooked.

Separately put 120 g of sweet chili sauce, 5 tablespoons of myrrh, 1 chopped lemongrass, 1 star anise, 2 slices of ginger, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon of honey and 200 ml of soy sauce. Add 150 ml of water and let it boil for a quarter of an hour to reduce and be sticky. It is then left to cool.

Place the cooled legs in the pan and grease with the prepared sauce. It is best, however, to place them on a grill so that they do not stick to the tray. Bake at 160 degrees for 35 minutes, until dark brown.

Shells St. Jacques with purple carrot salad and pak choi

One of my great culinary desires was to be able to one day prepare the simplest recipe with St. Jacques, whom I had seen so many times in Ramsay's shows.
How he threw about 12 perfect shells in a hot pan and how he turned them clockwise and in 5 minutes they were ready placed, seemingly carelessly, on a plate where the most interesting garnishes were waiting for them. Oh, what I sighed, because my heart didn't really let me buy St Jacques, especially since (maybe it's just my wrong impression, but I didn't dare ask) I suspected that they were sold with shells (which , obviously, it was a bit damaging).

The culmination of the irony was when, at a culinary contest, I had as a test, to cook St. Jacques. It was the first time I cooked, but I only had about 2-3 pieces available, which the jury had to taste. Imagine how I looked at them with longing, considering that until then, I hadn't even tasted them.
Later, in Milan and through restaurants, I tasted a few dishes, but I couldn't really enjoy a healthy portion.

Last week, however, I had the opportunity to try the St. Jacques, because some nice people from Sea-Way.ro invited me to test them.
I don't think you can imagine the joy. Little me with a whole bag (1 kg!) Of shells St. Jacques ?! Santa Claus came earlier :).

And that's how I started to think and change my mind about how to prepare them. In fact, their preparation was simple, I already knew from Ramsay and I could not disappoint him :). But what to combine them with? Oh my, oh my! So many possibilities
Eventually I prepared several options, but the first one I stopped at was a salad of pak choi and purple carrots, because they had already been waiting their turn in the fridge for a few days.

I used:

6 shells St. Jacques thawed
a tablespoon of olive oil
6 pieces of mini pak choi (I found the link to the Red Dragon with 1 lion)
2 carrots mov (from the Lidl)
two tablespoons of sesame oil
half a tablespoon of soy sauce
a tablespoon of black sesame
half a tablespoon of white sesame
half an avocado
two tablespoons of lemon juice
four cherry tomatoes

First I cleaned the carrots and pak choi. I cut the carrots with a vegetable cleaner into long strips, placed them in a bowl, mixed them with the sesame oil and seeds and the soy sauce and left them to marinate for about 15 minutes.
I steamed the pak choi for about 7-8 minutes.

I washed the thawed shells and drained them in a sieve. I seasoned them with salt and pepper.
I put a hot pan on the stove and then I put the olive oil. After the oil was heated, I placed each shell, clockwise, starting at 12 o'clock. When I finished them all, I left them to fry (over high heat) for another 2 minutes. When they got a golden crust on the bottom, I turned them in the same order in which I placed them and left them for another 2-3 minutes, until they browned on the other side. 30 seconds before removing them, I sprinkled them with lemon juice.

On the plate, the order of the layers was: pak choi, carrots, shells, and on top a few cubes of avocado and cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with lemon juice.

They were a dream! Absolutely delicious. They entered my personal top instantly.
Although I had some reservations about frozen products, I can say that they were all shattered. In fact, the good thing is that they were frozen on the vessel, shortly after they were fished (or as you call it the activity of removing the shells from the water :))), which means that they kept their properties better. than unfrozen products.

And the good news is that there were enough to try them with a sweet pea puree (yum!) And that I have about two more servings. I try to pull them until Christmas, to make a special appetizer then :).

How to prepare the recipe for white fish broth with vegetables?

The potatoes are cleaned, washed, if they are big, they are cut in halves or quarters (I had very large potatoes, I cut them into slices) and they are boiled in water with salt, pepper, hot peppers and thyme. and whole or cut carrots, after 10 minutes add the zucchini. Add gradually because the vegetables have a different cooking time. The carrot boils harder, but we like it to remain slightly all-dente, we put it once or immediately after the potatoes. After another 5 minutes, add the gutted fish and wash well (pay attention to the spinal cord where blood collects). Now add broccoli and cauliflower if you have, along with the fish, to remain slightly all-dente, not to be fried. The fish boils quickly, so after 10 minutes from the moment it boils, it is checked: it is pulled by a fin and if it comes out very easily, the fish is ready. However, do not let it boil for more than 15 minutes.

Remove the fish from the plate, place the vegetables next to it, sprinkle with a little freshly ground pepper and serve with hot polenta, garlic sauce, horseradish sauce or whatever else you want. We ate beetroot and horseradish salad.

It is a light, fast, healthy food that goes great for lunch or dinner, even if you have guests. My favorite is pike and pikeperch, but if I don't, I haven't seen it here in Italy, I make it from ocean fish.

If you liked the recipe, a like and share are welcome, and if you want to be up to date with all the recipes that will appear, you can subscribe and you will receive them by e-mail, you have a button on the top right.

Healthy sandwiches to take to school

School starts after a long stay at home, and the children spent too much time in the pantry full of unhealthy snacks, which they nibbled on in front of the computer. So now, when they return to school, it is advisable to offer them much healthier alternatives for meals during classes.

The ingredients should be prepared in the evening, so that in the morning you do not resort to emergency solutions and you can stick to your healthy eating plan.

There are no snacks in my house. If Lipaz, my youngest daughter, has a craving or has guests, then I buy on the spot. Otherwise, there is no such thing in the pantry. And if you do not have such a thing, then children choose from healthy alternatives to nibble, a carrot, a date, some nuts.

Sandwich with cheese and fresh vegetables

You need wholemeal bread, on which you put Făgărași cheese or cottage cheese, then slices of cucumber, tomatoes and a salad leaf. It is a light and full of nutrients sandwich.

Tone sandwich

Drain the canned tuna well and mix with finely chopped or crushed avocado, finely chopped red peppers, chopped parsley and pepper. Place a lettuce leaf on the slice of wholemeal bread, then the tuna salad and, possibly, a sliced ​​boiled egg on top and close with another slice of bread. If the children liked sardines, they would be even better, because they are much healthier than tuna.

Chicken breast sandwich

The chicken breast is boiled in the evening with salt, pepper and a little olive oil and left to cool overnight. Then, in the morning, cut into slices and place on top of the slice of bread greased with mayonnaise. Add a lettuce leaf and cucumber slices. The same can be done in a pita, to vary the bread. You can also replace chicken breast with turkey breast, which is healthier.

Beef leg sandwich

The beef is boiled and when it is ready, it is cut into slices. To the sandwich is added coloslaw salad, made from cabbage with mayonnaise and salt, and sliced ​​olives.

Along with these sandwiches, you can also pack a fruit or a bag of fresh vegetables, ready to be cleaned and cut (carrot sticks, cucumber, celery celery, etc.). You can also put some almonds, dates or figs.

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