15 Innovative Coffee Mug Designs Slideshow

15 Innovative Coffee Mug Designs Slideshow

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2 Carat Cup

Wake up each morning and feel like the happiest girl in the world with this morning proposal of more coffee. Every time you pick up this mug, feel the two-carat bling slip on your finger and know, no matter how bad your morning breath is, coffee still loves you.


What do you get when you cross Fight Club with The Breakfast Club? Well, whatever ensues, youll want to arm yourself with the "Fisticup" half beverage holder, half street-fighting weapon.

Ctrl-Alt-Del Keyboard Soft Reboot Cup Set

This series of cups, reserved only for 1337s (no n00bs allowed), are shaped like the three most commonly used keys on any glitchy computer. Use one to hold your morning cup of java, or use all three to try to get your mom to stop running that program asking you when you're going to get a job.

Mugs Talk with Chalk Mug

Were you one of those kids who always raised their hand to go up to the front of the class and write whatever it was the teacher wanted on the board? Thought so.

Gun Handle Mug

First rule of being a stone-cold hitman: Try not to drop your gun. Applying that logic to morning beverages is the Gun Handle mug. Wake up to a real shot of espresso while you canvas your kitchen for any hidden targets, er... Pop Tarts, and remember to be careful where you point that coffee.

Plug Mug

The message is a clear one: “Do not, under any circumstances, use my mug.” If you’ve got an office thief, invest in this genius mug with a removable plug that you can take with you to ensure no one else drinks coffee out of it besides you.

Ashtray Mug

The age-old combination of coffee and cigarettes has been around long enough to get its own indie movie, so it seems only fitting that the pairing would be immortalized in the form of a coffee mug. The innovative design fuses a regular coffee cup with a discrete, detachable ashtray.

Global Warming Mug

With the simple addition of heat, the map on this mug (which let's hope for their sake is recyclable) starts to lose its coastlines, demonstrating what some say might happen if water levels continue to rise at the current rate. Great, so now you can enjoy your morning pastry with a good dose of first-world guilt.

"I Am Not a Paper Cup..." Mug

This clever design allows you to enjoy all the practicalities of the no-spill sip lid without all the ecological guilt. (Plus, the double-walled, thermal porcelain cup lets you sip your scorching-hot morning brew without having to worry about burning your fingertips.)

Minor Miracle

How about a little deity sighting to liven up your morning? This mug, featuring a subtle image of the Virgin Mary at the bottom, can be used to remind you that little miracles happen all the time. (Or to convince your friends that a certain omnipotent being thinks you're His favorite.)

Mixed Messages Mug

Geez, who stole your morning enthusiasm? This cup may have the answers, but you’re not going to get them without a price. The interesting cut-and-paste design allows for you to make personalized messages for whoever sees your mug, albeit in a less-than-friendly tone.

Shark Attack Mug

A perfectly ordinary mug. Nothing happening here. No tricks, no surprises, just your coffee. Did you say something about a Candygram? (What’s that quickening bass soundtrack?) Did I sign those life insurance papers? No, but I’ll get to it right after this soothing cup of coff-

Thinker Mug

Like you, The Thinker has a lot on his mind — life, love, and the meaning of it all. But does that really matter when you’ve got a nice cup of hot coffee in front of you? Find out for yourself as you fill the mug and watch as The Thinker's many thoughts fade away to reveal the simple answer to everything: coffee. What was I thinking about again?

Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

The cup that has become synonymous with less-than-perfect New York coffee can now be used to hold the less-than-perfect coffee you make at home, except without having to track down a new cup every day.


Our liquid instant coffee is a high-end coffee concentrate that packs all the flavor of artisan roasted beans.

20 New Ways to Get Your Coffee Fix

Our morning doesn’t really start until we’ve had our coffee. We’re constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest new ways to make and drink a cup of joe, from the disposable French press to a text-enabled espresso machine. Apparently caffeine cravings fuel creativity, because we’ve come across so many cool coffee gadgets lately that we had to round them up. Here are 20 innovations in the world of java that have got us thinking it’s probably just about coffee time here at Brit HQ.

1. Touch Sensor Mug with Temperature Display ($32): Pick up your coffee and let it tell you if it’s cool enough to drink! This mug will sense your touch and display the temperature as well as a colored light — blue for cool, orange for warm, and red for hot.

2. Joulies Thermal Dispenser ($80 for set of 5): On a similar note, these little gadgets are designed to help you maintain your beverage’s perfect temperature for longer. They absorb the heat when you first put them in, cooling off your coffee so you don’t burn your tongue. Then, as your coffee starts to get too cool, the stored heat is released so it remains warm until the last drop.

3. PEBO ($87): Get a perfect vacuum brewed cup of coffee in 5-11 minutes with this unique coffee maker from Bodum. The vacuum brewing process prevents any of the flavor of the coffee bean from escaping so you’ll end up with a great, full-bodied cup of joe.

4. Drop Rest Mug (concept): Why has no one created this yet? A simple design tweak (a ridge at the bottom of the mug) totally prevents those coffee rings and protects your stuff!

5. Handpresso ($199): The ultimate gadget for the caffeine-craving commuter, this espresso machine fits in your cup holder and gets its charge from your car’s cigarette lighter. We don’t recommend using this while you’re driving but it’s cool nonetheless.

6. Minibru ($20): Part French press, part mug, this gadget allows you to make delicious coffee for one, without the hassle of having to clean lots of unnecessary dishes.

7. Iced Coffee French Press ($40): Why should hot coffee get all the French press love? This press lets you easily make freshly brewed iced coffee. Did we mention it comes in orange and green as well as black? Awesome.

8. Espro Press ($80): Get the smoothest java ever with this double-filtered press. None of the grit, all of the deliciousness.

9. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker ($26):Brew a mean cup of coffee or a double shot of espresso in this inexpensive, space-saving coffee maker.

10. Fingerprint ID Espresso Machine ($3,199):This crazy coffee maker saves your preferences by fingerprint, so you can get a personalized cup of coffee every time. Maybe if you were super, super picky? Still crazy.

11. Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker ($130): Just because you’re exploring the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to forgo your caffeine fix or choke down a cup of instant coffee.Coleman’s got you covered with this coffeemaker fueled by a 16.4 oz propane cylinder.

12. Mini Portable Espresso Maker ($25):Anywhere you can find a stove, you can get yourself a shot of espresso with this lightweight device.

13. MyPressi Twist ($169): Even more portable espresso awesomeness! This gadget is powered by gas cartridges so you can literally use it anywhere. It can use either pods or ground coffee to deliver a deliciously portable shot of espresso.

14. Douwe Egberts Vending Machine (not for sale): This machine, in the O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, dispenses a free cup of coffee to anyone who yawns. How thoughtful!

15. Smart Lid ($63 for 1000):These to-go coffee lids change color with temperature. Imagine a future where you don’t burn your tongue on that first sip of Starbucks! With these, that future could be now. They’re currently only available in bulk, so we’re hoping our favorite cafes start adopting these genius lids soon.

16. Kapu Scoop and Bag Closer ($26): No more digging around the bottom of your coffee beans for the scoop! This keeps your coffee fresh and your scoop at hand by combining them into one simple product.

17. Airspresso ($190):Use a bike pump to brew your espresso! We’re certainly intrigued by the innovative brewing technique and we love that you could use this anywhere.

18. One Puck ($115): Once you’ve got your cup of coffee all brewed up and yummy, don’t let that heat energy go to waste! This gadget uses a heat disparity to charge your phone, so whether you went the hot or iced coffee route, you can be certain to have enough power to Instagram your latte :)

19. Coffee Vault ($20):Keep your coffee fresh until you’re ready for it with this air-tight storage container that vents away CO2 so that your beans or grounds are just as fresh as the day you bought them.

20. DIY USB Latte Foamer (materials for $4): We couldn’t resist including a DIY! This is perfect for the latte-obsessed office worker — foam your drink right from your desk!

Bonus:Grumpy Cat Coffee ($30 for 12):Apparently even Grumpy Cat is getting into the coffee market. These “Grumppuccinos” are equal parts adorable and ridiculous and we have to admit we kinda want to try one. Too weird?

How do you get your caffeine fix? Is there a brewing method or java-related gadget we’re totally missing out on? Talk to us in the comments below.

What are the options for the hi-tech lovers in terms of coffee making technologies?

We all know that new generations are always on the run. Not only that the coffee has to be ready in no time, but it would be also great that it would come with features that are going to make your morning routine a breeze.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative coffee makers out there that manage to make anyone that likes its hi-tech gadgets just as much as a nice cup of hot coffee every morning.

We have to admit it: we all love Alexa! Wouldn’t be great if Alexa would also have some super powers and prepare your coffee while you’re still in bed? The Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker, Compatible with Alexa is one coffee machine that isn’t going to disappoint any hi-tech lover.

The coffee machine is customizable and you may easily remote the operation via your phone app. You practically don’t have to be next to it for controlling the brewing temperature, the altitude for accurate brewing or the pre-soak time.

The Behmor Connected Brewer was designed so that you may have a barista style coffee at home, customizing it to your very personal brewing likings. The mobile app is going to give you plenty of control over your coffee brewing. You may set the altitude, the pre-soak time, the brewing temperature and even save your no.1 preference to the “favorites”.

The free Behmor app is available for Android devices (4.0 and higher) and Apple (iOS 7 and higher), connecting via Wi-Fi. The screen is user friendly and you can make all sorts of personal settings.

As it comes with Amazon Alexa built-in, you only need your voice for preparing a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning. With the Amazon Echo you’re going to be able to speak right to the Behmor brewing system. You only need to say Alexa, ask Behmor to begin brewing my favorite coffee”. The app also keeps you posted on the progress of your coffee, texting you when your coffee is ready. A button on the front of the brewer lets you brew without using the app. The coffee machine also comes with Amazon Dash Replenishment that is going to reorder your beans and grounds- no more shopping lists for you!

The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker isn’t only about the apps and customizing. As a matter of fact, it’s still a coffee maker that gives an amazing coffee. The app just makes it easier for you to adjust the brewing parameters.

The heater is going to heat the water straight in the reservoir above the coffee ground so that the risk for heat loss during brewing is minimal. We also notice pulsed water flow and a large showerhead which is going to saturate the grounds completely. You’re going to enjoy a coffee brewed to its real profile, with impressive flavor (floral, fruity, chocolaty and/or bold). You may use the pre-soak as it’s going to let the coffee bloom before brewing, ensuring the ideal flavor in your mug.

The coffee maker comes with temperature control from 190-210 0 F and the altitude calibration is fundamental for the perfect coffee extraction. The water temperature should range between 195 0 and 205 0 F.

The build matches and explains the results. The carafe is a double walled stainless model that is going to keep the optimal coffee temperature so that the coffee stays hot for plenty of time.

The impressive possibilities it gives for customizing, the ease of use, and, let’s face it, Alexa- they all make this coffee maker a great option for any hi-tech lover.

Sensing that more and more people are interested in roasting their beans at home, the people at Bonaverde designed for us the Bonaverde White Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine (Green Accents).

When using the Bonaverde, you’re going to be able to customize infrared roasting, obtaining the ideal roast every single time.

The Bonaverde Berlin is a smart kitchen appliance that roasts, beginning with green coffee beans so that the results are extremely fresh. It has a really smart design and it’s automated, relying on NFC tags and Facebook Messenger chatbot (how about that?). It has no manual controls whatsoever and comes with built-in connection provided by T-Mobile (no extra costs for you).

The Berlin roast-grind-brew Coffee maker is going to give you the ideal cup of coffee every single time. The machines come with smart temperature sensors and detachable roasting chamber. The cone filter is removable, whereas the carafe is able to hold 4oz of water. The automatic shut-off is going to maintain the plate warm, whereas the air ventilation system with HEPA filter is going to remove the unpleasant smells from the roasting process. the LED light guidance makes the use a breeze and the coffee maker comes with dishwasher safe parts.

Let’s take a closer look at the details. For instance, the cone grinder is adjustable and made of stainless steel, which means you can select your favorite coarseness. You may adjust the strength by adding more water.

The process is going to take 15 minutes (from crop to cup), whereas the average roast-grind-brew time is less than 20 minutes (15-18 minutes). You may very well roast in Advance and wait only 5 minutes for grinding and brewing.

The machine uses Green Coffee Bean Pouches and one pouch comes with green beans and a custom roast profile. It’s 100% compostable and it comes in both small and large size. It features your chosen Farmer’s green beans inside and the custom roast profile RFID tag is attached.

The coffee machine has a monolith build with elegant and classy finish. All trays and compartments are filled and the coffee machine doesn’t come with stylistic details.

The front of the machine features an open compartment that includes the carafe and a removable conical plastic tray, right above it. You’re going to notice another tray near the top of the device, holding the green coffee beans for roasting. This one comes with a metal turning arm inside and small window for taking a peek at the process.

A black panel is placed between the two trays on the front. A round touch-sensitive button is going to activate the machine, preparing it for scanning your coffee tag. A large rectangular panel above is going to work as the NFC zone. The light on the button is going to change its color for informing you on the status and you may tap the NFC zone to cancel the scan.

On the left side you’re going to find a see through reservoir- it holds the water. The panel on the right side is easy to remove, revealing the air filter. You should replace the filter after 30 brewing or so.

Some find the lack of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi a bit weird and you actually don’t have an app control. Nevertheless, the machine comes with a 3G cellular radio and SIM card that keeps the system online. Therefore, you’re not going to use a Bonaverde app for remote controlling the coffee maker, but you’re going to use the Bonaverde’s Coffee Concierge Facebook Messenger bot. you may actually have a talk with the virtual barista on your PC/phone and simply tell it to begin the brewing. You’re not going to be able to give accurate manual instructions in terms of roasting/brewing. However, you may select from various types of coffee blends and single-origin recipes.

When you don’t have the Bonaverde pods, you may have to depend on the Coffee Concierge’s roasting and brewing profiles in order to get the best coffee. You also need to get your very own paper filters.

Maintaining and upgrading the Bonaverde Berlin shouldn’t be difficult as it’s constantly online through the 3G connection. Cleaning is also a breeze- it’s similar to a drip coffee maker. You may pull out the filter basket, pot and roasting tray for rinsing.

The coffee is bright and clean and even though the whole process may stumble one in the beginning, the taste is great. After all, it’s fresh-ground and fresh-roasted coffee.

Truth be told, the Bonaverde Berlin is a special concept of a coffee maker that comes in a pricy package. Some are going find the automated operation a bliss, whereas some aren’t going to fancy the lack of control throughout the process. You should know what floats your boat!

How much are you willing to pay for a nice cup of coffee? How much are you willing to pay for innovative coffee making technology? If price is the last thing you check on a coffee maker (even though you may want to take a double look at the next one’s price tag), The Franke BKON Craft Brewer is going to become just the perfect investment of your money.

Brewing coffee, tea and infusing a liquid with flavor, the Bkon Craft Brewer is going change everything you knew about coffee and brewing. Everything happens in a vacuum chamber, using negative pressure (it just means lower temperatures) to coax the flavor of your coffee, herbs, fruit and everything you use for blending with your liquid. You’re going to wait one minute for a tea and a couple of minutes for your vodka. It looks like it traveled in time from the future (its appearance is the very first thing you notice about it). It features a touchscreen that is pre-loaded with many recipes (hundreds, to be more precise) and you may even share/download more via the cloud. A tap to the screen and some tea/water is all you need to put it in motion.

Powered by Bkon’s patented Rain TM technology, the Bkon Craft Brewer is going to give the artisans out there the chance to craft a new level of coffees, cocktails and loose-leaf teas. As for the level or purity, accuracy, flavor and speed- be ready to be blown away.

The machine is going to extract more of the soluble flavor elements, giving impressive coffee and tea results. Able the extract the pure flavors from coffees and teas, the machine is also able to infuse natural flavors and sugars from botanicals and dried fruits.

Thanks to the RAIN process, the Bkon is going to brew your coffee and tea in just 90 seconds. The system is really efficient and it may even produce more than 440 cups per hour (it depends a lot on the brew size).

The exclusive cloud platform gives you the opportunity to create, adopt, innovate, share and replicate the recipe no matter where you are.

Able to store more than 750 customized recipes, the BKON Craft Brewer offers you great control over RAIN brewing parameters.

The RAIN process is going to change the curve of extraction for good as it speeds up the release of the inhibiting gasses, with no need for agitation. This impressive feature creates richer results of the naturally occurring flavor that is found in third wave coffees, based on roasting profile and terroirs. As it uses coarse grinds, the system ensures a better access to the coffee’s natural cellular structure, releasing flavors through the cell layers, without showing much surface area with a fine grind.

The laser etched filter lets you brew coffee with and without paper, eliminating the turbulence throughout the purge/draw down process and protecting the amazing flavors developed by RAIN.

If the list of feature may be a bit cumbersome, here are some info that are going to help you complete your image. The system comes with simple touch-screen user interface and self-cleaning brew chamber with LED lighting. The brew baskets are color-coded and the system comes with porta filters. It has a guided cleaning cycle and presents a compact tower footprint and built-in dip tray. The brew tower has a powder coat finish and the under counter water/vacuum supply center is housed in a 304 stainless steel cabinet.

Pricey? Heck, yes! But it’s going to be the most impressive system that made coffee or tea in your home or office.

These unique coffee makers make clear that coffee culture is a force to be reckoned with and is here to stay.

People today can be very particular about how they have their coffee, an epidemic that is reflected in big name brands like Tim Horton's and Starbucks -- the brands are consistently including more roast options and drink concoctions from around the world. A few examples are Tim Hortons' 'Dark Roast Coffee' and Starbucks' 'Flat White' blend. With these unique coffee makers, designers are considering more factors than ever when satisfying their caffeine-loving consumers.

While some want their coffee conveniently made on the go, others appreciate slow roasters that make sure to hit every flavor note. This collection of unique coffee makers includes both, with everything beyond and in between. The 'De'Longhi PrimaDonna Elite Professional Coffee Machine' was made to allow its users to start a fresh brew using an app on their smartphone, while the 'Imperial Drip' uses a Japanese technique that takes four hours to brew a pot.

There's no denying that when it comes to showstopping cakes, Martha has all of the bases covered&mdashjust look at the countless recipes on this website and in her new book, Cake Perfection, for proof. From angel food to zuccoto, she has shown us how to bake, layer, and decorate some of the dreamiest cakes around. And while we completely understand why our founder's showier cakes get most of the attention, we also like to celebrate a more humble version of this familiar dessert. Today, we're talking about the type of cakes that don't need the excuse of a special occasion to be served: snacking cakes. Unfamiliar with this category of treats? The Oat Cake with Blueberries and Blackberries that's shown here is the perfect example: unfussy, unlayered, and entirely delicious.

So, what makes a snacking cake different than all the rest? While one could argue that any piece of cake can be a snack, "snacking cakes" are technically a category reserved for a specific style of cake. They are always single-layer, are often cut into squares, and are generally finished with a light glaze or frosting on top. A delightful category in their own right, snacking cakes are nothing fancy in the best sense of the phrase. They won't demand meticulous designs or fantastical shapes from you usually just a bowl or two, a whisk, and a baking pan. And the results will give you tall, moist squares of tender cake, no strings attached.

You'll find a variety of cakes in this gallery. Some will come together with just a bowl and a whisk, some that are fruit-studded, and others that are perfumed with comforting warm spices. Whatever you do, don't miss our chocolate cake that's so easy, you might even forget making it&mdashuntil the timer goes off, that is.

One quick disclaimer: These recipes use the term "snack cakes" and "snacking cakes" interchangeably, which is a mildly controversial choice to the purists who strictly classify "snack cake" as the type of packaged desserts made by brands like Hostess and Little Debbie. In the spirit of what snacking cakes represent, we're taking the more casual approach to this category's nomenclature.

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8 unique instant coffee recipes to make at home

No, we are not talking about Dalgona coffee. True, it had a huge role to play in bringing the spotlight back to instant coffee. Stoked by lockdown boredom and social media, a plethora of innovative and delicious instant coffee recipes have started surfacing the net. Do you have an unused oversized pack of instant coffee somewhere at the back of your cupboard like the rest of us? It is time to put that to use by trying these 8 super yummy recipes you can make using instant coffee at home-

02 /9 ​Coffee Granola Bar

Love coffee but don&rsquot have the time to brew a fresh cup? Try this instant coffee granola bar for breakfast. This is easy to make and store, so you can comfortably make your weekly batch on a Sunday. Dissolve 1 ½ tbsp instant coffee powder in 2 tbsp water and keep aside. Combine 2 cups instant oats, 2 cups raisins and dissolved coffee in a food processor. After a dough starts to form, evenly spread it on a parchment paper and freeze for 15 to 30 minutes. Cut into desired shapes and enjoy.

03 /9 ​Coffee Mocha Brownies

These moist, fluffy brownies make an excellent snack in the evening and get ready in just 30 minutes! To make this, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and grease a large metal baking pan. Combine ⅔ cup all-purpose flour, ¾ cup sugar, ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa, 2 tsp instant coffee, ¼ tsp baking powder and ⅛ tsp salt. Then add ⅓ cup melted butter or margarine, 2 tsp vanilla and 1 beaten egg and stir well. Spread the batter in the greased pan and bake for 18-20 minutes. Sprinkle with 1 tsp powdered sugar and cut into squares before serving.

04 /9 ​Coffee Bean Cookies

These cute little cookies are as crunchy and crumbly as they look. If you just can&rsquot have enough fo coffee, you can have these subtly sweet cookies with a hot cuppa. Mix 75 grams unsalted butter on room temperature until creamy. Add 65 grams icing sugar, 1 egg yolk and combine until no lumps remain. Add 5 grams instant coffee powder with 8 grams hot water and mix with the egg mixture. In a separate dish, add 120 grams all-purpose flour, 12 grams cocoa powder and 25 grams corn starch. Add this dry mixture to the wet one ⅓ parts at a time to make a soft dough. Separate it into 8 balls, give an oval shape and make a line in between using a toothpick. Chill in the freezer for half an hour. Then, bake in a preheated oven on 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 14 minutes. Cool before serving!

05 /9 ​Coffee Mug Cake

If you are craving a bittersweet dessert that can be ready within minutes, this coffee mug cake is a perfect choice. Take a microwave-safe mug and put in 4 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp cocoa powder and 1 tsp baking powder. Add 1 tsp instant coffee powder, 3 tbsp granulated sugar and 1 tbsp oil and mix. Then combine 1 tbsp yoghurt, 1 tsp coffee powder and 1 tbsp water and add it to cake mixture. Sprinkle 1 tbsp mini chocolate chips. Microwave for 2 minutes by taking a 1-minute interval in between. Serve with ice cream, sweet cream or chocolate syrup!

06 /9 ​White Russian Coffee

Are you one of those people who like their coffee strong? We are talking cocktail strong! This decadent White Russian takes things to the next level with a yummy combination of coffee and vodka. In a bowl, mix 1 tbsp hot water, 1 tbsp instant coffee, 1 tbsp granulated sugar or honey. Whip using an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Put ice cubes in your serving glass and stir in ¼ cup vodka, 2 to 3 tbsp Kahlua and ¼ tsp vanilla extract. Finish with 2 to 4 tbsp of milk and top with the whipped coffee mixture!

07 /9 ​Coffee Jello

Coffee Jello is a heavenly combination of sweet, condensed milk with bouncy little squares of coffee. This creative dessert will rekindle your childhood affection to jello! To prepare this, mix 4 cups of hot and strong coffee brewed using instant coffee with 2 tbsp sugar and 3 tbsp gelatin until all ingredients are fully dissolved. Pour in a pan and refrigerate for 4 to 8 hours. Cut up into little jiggly squares and place into serving glasses. Whisk 1 cup milk with 1 can of condensed milk until smooth. Pour sweet milk over coffee jello and serve!

08 /9 ​Granita di Caffé con Panna

If you crave an instant coffee dish that is both a breakfast and a dessert, this Granita is what you are looking for. The combination of that sharp coffee flavour plays brilliantly with the sweet dense cream. To make this, prepare simple sugar syrup by dissolving ½ cup sugar in 1 cup of water on low heat in a saucepan. Take one cup espresso brewed using instant coffee and stir in with the sugar syrup. Place the coffee in a large metal pan and store in the fridge. Take out every 30 minutes and mix using a fork. Stir it up for 3 hours until it gets frozen but slushy. Mix 2 tbsp granulated sugar with 1 cup heavy cream and whip until soft peaks form. Serve in a glass by placing a little whipped cream on the bottom, then pouring the granita and topping with whipped cream.

09 /9 ​​Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Are you already frowning over the combination of egg and coffee? Don&rsquot! Ca Phe Trung is a favourite coffee recipe in Vietnam. After the Vietnam war, there was a scarcity of milk, which led to the invention of this creamy, custard-like dessert. This is made using an electric mixer, which you can use to whisk 1 egg yolk and 4 tbsp sweet condensed milk. Stop whisking when the mixture becomes frothy, light and soft peaks form. Then brew 2 cups of espresso using instant coffee and top the coffee with spoonfuls of the egg mixture. Done!

DIY: Monogram Mugs

Friends! I’m so pleased to share our first gift DIY of the season. Maude made these fantastic monogrammed mugs over the weekend. Don’t they look terrific? The idea came when we saw these fun initial cups at Anthropologie and remembered our kitchen was lacking in hot cocoa mugs. We decided to create a whole set.

It’s a very doable project. Inexpensive. Eco-friendly. And family-friendly too — these mugs are dishwasher safe. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

1) We started with a trip to Goodwill, where we collected 8 plain white mugs. Enough for the entire family. There was even a little one without a handle that we thought would be perfect for baby food for June. Mugs were 50 cents each and we had dozens and dozens to choose from.

2) Then we gathered supplies. Scissors, pen, tape, graphite transfer paper, Black Pebeo Porcelaine Pen in Fine Point ($4 at Michaels, also available here) and a print out with the family’s initials.

For the font, I had something very specific in mind. I love the look of this Sketch Block Font and had it mentally filed away as the sort of thing a kid could replicate well — because it’s inherently imperfect. For this project, it worked like a charm! Since we were adding our own sketchiness, I started with a similar, but non-sketchy Rockwell font. Look for any slab-serif font (with names like Egyptian or Glypha) and they should work equally well.

3) Cut out an initial and a piece of transfer paper. Tape the initial and the transfer paper (dark side down) to the mug.

4) Trace the initial. Any pen or pencil will work and you’ll want to experiment with different pressures to see what’s best. You’ll just need a light outline. If you want, you can make your own transfer paper by rubbing a graphite pencil all over a sheet of plain paper.

5) Take your Porcelaine pen and trace over the lines of the initial. Get the edges nice and thick then fill in with diagonal sketchy strokes. A few notes:
– The sketchy strokes look best if they’re all one direction.
– The pen didn’t produce very smooth lines for us — which was fine because of the sketchy nature of the lettering. But later, I tried a red Porcelaine pen and produced very smooth strokes. So, I’m thinking my black pen was an old, dried out one. Who knows? This was my first experience with Porcelaine, so I’m not sure.
– It helped to have a blank paper handy where we could test the paint pen.
– We definitely got better at it as we practiced. So plan on it. Until it’s baked, the paint will scrub right off in soap and water. We redid mugs at least 4 times.

6) Once the lettering is done, let the mugs sit for 24 hours. Then bake them at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. It’s fine to bake them with graphite residue. The graphite will wipe right off even after they’re done baking.

7) And that’s it! Once they’re baked, they’re done. We pulled them from the oven, wiped them up and they were ready to go. For fun, we filled cellophane bags with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows and put them in the mugs.

The project turned out so well that it has my mind spinning with other possibilities. Maybe we’ll make a monogrammed mug for their teachers with a Starbucks card inside. Or a matching 2-cup set for Grandma and Grandpa. Fun for Christmas, but equally fun for other events too.

What do you think? Is this a project your kids would enjoy? Are the mugs cool enough that you would buy one in the store if you saw it for sale?

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Watch the video: innovative slideshow (August 2022).