Low beans with polenta

Low beans with polenta

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Boil the beans in salted water.

Peel an onion and finely chop, cook a little, then add the cleaned and crushed garlic, only half the amount, let it cook for 1 minute with the onion, then add the drained beans, leave for 5 minutes, then add the rest of the garlic and leave for another 3 minutes.

It goes well with salt and pepper.

Polenta is made from salt water and corn.

We served it with boiled eggs.

Mushroom roll with mushrooms

If you are not tired of a portion of polenta with cheese, it's nothing & ndash I found an even better recipe! This roll with polenta and mushrooms will surely surprise you! Not missing is the sheep's milk, the composition of the whole result being much more complex and flavorful than a polenta with ordinary cheese. And where else do you say that mushrooms are an extraordinary source of protein?

Relieving food

On Tuesday we have ciolan, on Thursday we have Speciala, we think it's time to stick something to the other days of the working week at Camino. Until next time, it was Wednesday's turn. We aim to make soothing food every Wednesday, in the style of & # 8222 mother's food & # 8221. Foods that we used to eat as children or that we still eat when we visit our mothers. We will make chicken soups, soups like at home, pipote stews, fried liver, mashed potatoes, sausages with cabbage, marinated meatballs, beef salads (maybe even with chicken, let it be a job until the end :)) pies and pancakes, polenta and macaroni with cheese and scallops, homemade cakes. How about that? We start tomorrow with chicken soup with noodles, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet tomato sauce and a little garlic. For dessert, cherry cake. Do you have any ideas?

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hm & # 8230I don't know why, in fact, I think that since I was at my mother's house, there are some foods that I associate especially with winter. And it would be something like this: potato stew with smoked sausages and served with polenta and sour cabbage, or cabbage juice & # 8230good bad :)) That's what I think I'll do on the weekend :)
And what did my mother remind me of these days: baked potatoes (whole, in shell) and smoked bacon, onions & # 8230and with boiled eggs or & # 8230depends on where our imagination takes us in the pantry :) Only goodies :))
Thank you, Adi, for all the goodies I find in you!

I like baked potatoes too :)

I would start with dessert :) POULTRY MILK. I haven't eaten since I was a child when my mother wasn't so comfortable :(
Let's move on to serious things: if the Transylvanians like it too: meatball soup with BORS !! and LEUSTEAN !! (For Muntenians, a well-made meatball soup is the most & # 8222 at my mother's home & # 8221, in my opinion). At this time a meatball (bird, pork.) Would go first.
For type two I am in a dilemma: I would opt for peppers stuffed with rice (without meat) to make it easier and healthier. Of course you can fill zucchini (not zucchini because they look more nauseating) and tomatoes, eggplants in the same tray & # 8230
My mother also made baked peppers with sour cream (delicious) that go instead of meatballs.

bird's milk is on the list :)

There would be (for me) sarmale, crispy snacks, pea dish with chicken, chicken brine with polenta. And for dessert: rice with milk, semolina with milk, cheese or pumpkin pie. I hope the ideas are useful :) And what about a day for fish? :)

Stir-fried meatball soup with sauerkraut juice :)
Beaten beans with meat or homemade sausages fried in lard plus pickles
Pie with cabbage, onion or cheese (from that of classic bread dough, baked in a larger tray or smaller pies baked individually, my grandmother called them kisses :)
Mushroom stew (good, fragrant, forest mushrooms)
Sweet bread
Stuffed pepper soup or stuffed peppers in tomato sauce
Balmos, polenta bulz with bellows cheese :)

Woe to my head for the cholesterol stuff I listed here, what to do with them, I associate these with going home, to my mother or grandmother, it is clear that we are Transylvanians. Anyway, since it's winter, I've listed more winter dishes. In summer I go for lettuce soup, green bean soup & # 8230

do you have a good salad soup recipe? :)

I make it this way, for a pot of about four liters of soup: two heads of salad if the heads are big, if not even three & # 8211 the idea is to have a lot of lettuce, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2-3 tablespoons oil, approx. two liters of water, two eggs, about 4-500 ml of sweet milk, about 5-600 ml of whipped milk or more liquid yogurt, about 200 ml of sour cream. I soaked the garlic in oil for about a minute, added the lettuce leaves and simmered them for about 10 minutes. Add water, simmer for another 10 minutes, add salt, turn off the heat and let it cool a bit. Meanwhile, mix the sweet milk, whipped milk, eggs and cream and straighten the soup with them. If it needs to be sour, add a few drops of lemon or vinegar.
It can be made with whey instead of water, you can also harden a little smoked bacon at the beginning, with garlic, so according to your preferences. Anyway, what's really important is to have a good salad, tender, young, and quality dairy & # 8211 that is, whipped milk and real cream. We eat it with various things next to it: kneaded sheep's cheese, polenta or homemade bread, scrambled eggs

I have an excellent salad soup recipe, with carrots and a little smoked bacon. If you want, let's talk about its development

Aoleau what my appetite is for food like at home :)

Sour vegetable soup with borscht and sour cream with sour cream, sauerkraut with smoked (ciolan, scarita, smoked ribs) and for dessert delicious croissants with walnut and jam filling / jam or sweet cheese pie

It's not long and fasting begins, sweet and fasting options:

1. beans rubbed with sauerkraut or sauerkraut only with oil, + fried sausage
2. low beans
3. bean soup with rantas, red onion with oil and vinegar
4. potato stew
5. potato soup
6. pots
7. Oriental salad
8. paprika with flour dumplings
9. chicken with sour cream and dill
10. Baked pies with sauerkraut, or plums, or cheese, or cheese or apple twists
11. Cake with leaves with bee honey

It can be seen that I miss Romania :)

But now I prefer boiled meat with vegetables and squeezed lemon: D

it's fat if you eat it all alone :)

When I was little, during the long winter, every Tuesday, my mother made a dish typical of the Romania-Hungary border area: the parade with the internships, that is, a thicker tomato soup in which she throws some pieces of sausage. smoked house and some eggs. Eat with pieces of bread (croutons) browned in the oven. Super tasty.

1. Bean soup / soup with onion salad
2. Pork alms with polenta and sauerkraut salad
3. Gris pudding (possibly with cottage cheese) with cherry jam

I always associate the chicken paprika with dumplings with my mother or grandmother. green bean soup (or soup.) made with a little sugar, that's how my Hungarian grandmother cooked it - since she left I haven't been able to recreate that unique taste!
noodles with walnuts or poppy seeds, or even with grated, hardened apples, our favorite fasting food, children.
hot polenta covered with cold milk from the fridge-dinner on evenings when mom or grandma didn't have time.
cabbage pie, bellows cheese or hardened onion & # 8230baked in the hearth.
friganele & # 8230.or bread in egg. with sweet peas or carrots. a wonder!
it would be, but I missed it and a craving!

hot polenta with cold milk & # 8211 times back, dream!

1.Tomato soup (homemade broth) with semolina dumplings.
2. Beans & # 8222frecated & # 8221with smoked sausages and fried onion with baked potatoes with smoked pork tenderloin from the greased garnish.
3. Rice with milk and cinnamon: donuts with jam.

yes, plum dumplings. and mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and meatballs.
ps: do you also put a link to the picture with the pies? look great. I never go round. that is, one in 10, 20! I mean never :)

very nice. I wrote them all down :).

Potato soup with meat from the jar (or garnished), white, without tomato sauce and sour, comes out like this, sweet and with a smoky taste & # 8230.
Cabbage seasoned with jumari, and for dessert clearly croissants with jam and walnuts (with battered dough with borscht and lard).

potato soup with tarragon, super fluffy donuts with red grape skin, plum dumplings, chicken paprika, salad soup, chicken soup with noodles made by grandma, cut by hand (I do not understand if I think, how he managed to make it so thin), smoked ham noodles in milk, cooked for Easter (since my grandparents died I have not eaten such a good ham), smoked and dried sausages in the pantry (we were children and broke from them, eating them naked) , bird's milk - and now I can still smell the vanilla from my grandmother's handkerchief, when she hugged us with the green onion omelette, the same green bean soup as the one described by Andrea, my grandmother being also the Hungarian baked potatoes with butter or with milk yogurt with caramel-instead of cocoa with milk, the simple cake, with nothing in it-foszlos kalacs called his grandmother, cakes like I haven't eaten since my grandmother died, made of snow-white flour, brought by my grandfather from the mill. I swear I feel the taste of all this, although I haven't eaten many for many years, I hear my grandmother's voice, I see my grandfather, big, & # 8222 driven by my little and fragile grandmother, I hear my mother laughing & # 8221 8230

Ear soup, made from a blanket of dough and spun on the fingers in the shape of ears. Sour with sour.
Iesnita on sour cream & # 8211 beaten eggs, with sour cream and water with flour that drains from the polenta.
Eggplant salad
Spinach with sour cream, nettles with mujdei
Chicken with sour cream, polenta and mujdei

you killed me with the picture that is with a slice of bread and marrow ..offf my grandfather put a big pot to boil with beef bones leaving some meat on them, and he boiled them a lot, then he put potatoes, celery and whites and spices then he took everything out on a large tray and we ate it with horseradish, mayonnaise and a sauce with mayonnaise and mustard, and for the little ones my grandfather spread it on the bread and put garlic with onion, it was a richer version of the broth

as for food, I miss quince food with burnt sugar sauce, nettles with canned meat garlic, drumsticks and sausages, peppercorns stuffed with rice but boiled in tomato sauce, here they are made but peppers are small and bitter and are made in the soup from boiling meat, like zucchini and a kind of cabbage rolls in cabbage leaves all with rice, I would eat my grandmother's and mother's pies, I would eat some cakes made with corn porridge and dough donuts, the pot that my mother made in a large pan in the oven after gathering in it all the slightly fried vegetables but also beef because it wasn't just a widow, dumplings with plums and belly soup in which my mother throws a handful of rice and on the plate throw a little green larch and lard on bread with garlic that I had to eat secretly because they did not leave me ..and many and small what to say I miss the tomatoes and tarragon and the sweet taste of milk and butter which is super greasy and tasteless here and what's more, I miss everything too I miss our green and cool country with good water, but in any case thank you for stirring us up to the memory of those who are gone, give us more ideas and advice that are welcome

I think it's been years since I ate julfa cake, made with hemp seeds! If you do something like that, I will cross the continent and come to Cluj, on Wednesday evening! Although I would be content with some dumplings boiled with cottage cheese!

More food, some food, I would have some:
& # 8211 egg soup, straight vartoasa with sour cream, bean soup with smoked ciolan, potato soup (papricas) as my mother used to call it with smoked, vegetable soup with smoked sausages
& # 8211 sauerkraut with meat, cabbage from Cluj, low beans with sausages or smoked ciolan, sarmale in which my father liked to find pieces of fatty meat from the captain of the pig, pilaf with poultry meat (to change the pork) and meat from the cloth, especially simply roasted ribs, plus intigaie and sausages
-talks, pies, noodles with poppy seeds or walnuts

Definitely homemade chicken soup with homemade noodles. Cherry juice. Parade zama with sausages. Macaroni with gray. Homemade creams (including sheets). Smoked and dried sausages. Roll the string with walnuts, poppy seeds or sweet cheese.
Freshly caught fish from Cris (barbel, clean, perch, maybe even pike, once even an eel :), given through flour, a little salty and fried even on the same day & # 8211 of these I haven't eaten in a long time and I think I'm among the best fish I've ever eaten. No potatoes, no polenta, no mujdei, just fish with bread or, in my case, no, because I didn't like bread, I didn't eat bread at all until I was four.

Hmmmmm! yummmmmy
I only cook comfort food.
For example, on Sunday I made a salad soup, a chicken stew with garlic (ostropel) with polenta (millet), which I cut with string. I made some pies (as they say on the slab-like in Transylvania) with plum jam. And I cooked on the wood stove because it is very dear to me. Of course, my mother cooked on the stove but the food is much tastier on the stove.
I make chicken soup once every 2 weeks (and only with chicken raised in the yard). I make mushroom stew about once a month (mushrooms from the forest picked with my hand). Sour vegetable soup with cabbage juice I made last week. And I make many of the above recipes.
I don't like to experience all kinds of food that I'm sure I won't touch.
Why I miss it: bird's milk and cocoa cake.

After all the ones listed above, I come with the addition that, for my grandmother, homemade noodle soup is associated in two ways with sarmale & # 8230. ) with cheese, or pie in the tray, with apples and cheese, respectively, baked in the oven in the yard, homemade bread, homemade dumplings with sweet cheese, dumplings with plums & # 8230meats with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce & # 8230

I think these are the dishes I will prepare as soon as possible:
& # 8211 cherry soup (with or without meat)
& # 8211 Boiled beef with fruit sauce and mashed potatoes
& # 8211 dumplings with homemade plum jam
& # 8211 stuffed pepper soup
& # 8211 smoked bean soup
All six, in addition to many listed by the others, I go home to my mother.

Adi, I have some ideas too
& # 8211 hot cheese polenta paired with a cold salad soup & # 8230
-details Monday morning from Aunt Mera to the fireplace.
What do you say?

What comes to mind now are:
& # 8211 candles (lies)
& # 8211 cabbage (stuffed with cow's cheese, spinach, dill and green onion tails) & # 8230..as my mother does (good) no one makes it
& # 8211 coil with walnut or poppy seeds put in a thick layer
& # 8211 grilled chicken (I'm not sure of that name) - it's chicken stew made from onions, peppers (if we have) hardened and then put the chicken and paprika and water, salt pepper and finally parsley served with puree or dumplings of or broken & # 8230
& # 8211 bread with lard and tomatoes or onions and a pinch of salt
& # 8211 fine clams (peasant potatoes but mashed like puree) with smoked ham and red onion or green onion or radish
& # 8211 hit, rubbed onion salad & # 8230 I haven't been able to make it so far so mommy
& # 8211 egg soup (ie cumin in which eggs are thrown and then whipped with sour cream)
& # 8211 noodles with milk
& # 8211 toast rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with oil (freshly made)
& # 8211 pancove (donuts) with a lot of walnuts
& # 8211 Broken egg dumplings with chicken stew above = DELICIOUS
& # 8211 pea soup with chicken, root and broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Cauliflower soup with broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Baked chicken and potatoes in lard
& # 8211 cherry and walnut cake
& # 8211 apple cake & # 8211 sheets made with lard (very tender) between which squeezed apples mixed with cinnamon, sugar
& # 8211 creams
& # 8211 bacon with bread baked on the hearth and with onion slightly caught in the frost
& # 8211 mosocoarne (a kind of cheesecake) stuffed with grated apples
& # 8211 pasta with sweet cabbage
& # 8211 potato pies, sweet cabbage, cottage cheese mixed with dill
& # 8211 chicken on the bottle

Burnt sugar cream, cake with shit and raisins, honey cake, apple cake, chicken ostropel, stuffed zucchini

frateeeeeeeee & # 8230..my grandmother used to make me friganele from slices of bread soaked in milk given through egg and fried and after that she put sugar on them and we eat them hot & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230.say if you ate too

Ioi, how good it all looks! Especially the pies seem to be typical codrenesti such as those from Baia Mare, are they somehow with leurda or am I wrong? And toast looks inviting (drip bread is said to be in my area).
My soothing food is smoked bacon omelette, with green onions, mushrooms or sponges harvested from grandma's yard in season, all with a steaming polenta. Or mushroom stew with polenta & # 8230 True relief, indeed!

Pea beans stewed with garlic

Pea beans stewed with garlic it is one of my favorite foods, but my boy loves it too. When I was a child, I would go with my grandmother to the garden to gather pods (pastors in the dialect of the area), and I would take 2-3 carrots and a few heads of garlic from the ground.

I came back to the valley, to the summer kitchen, with the fish (aprons) full of fresh and tender vegetables.

I always forgot to tell you, when I went to the garden, I took a handful of big salt from the salt (a wooden box, with a lid, hanging on the wall, always full of coarse salt).

We harvested cucumbers, sour plums, unripe tomatoes, tomatoes, and we ate them like that, unwashed, just wiped off the pestle and soaked in salt.

God, what a wonderful taste they had! Taste of sun, freshness and childhood.

We really like beans and I prepare it in dozens of recipes, but I also preserve it for the winter.

I recommend you to see the recipes, you will find some incredibly tasty, simple, cheap and fast recipes.

Put the beans, potatoes, sliced ​​carrots, oil and a little water in a pan or frying pan. Sprinkle with salt, put the lid on and leave on high heat.

After our food bean pods stewed with garlic, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer over low heat.

This is the great secret of this dish: it is cooked over low heat, smothered in small amounts of water and oil. From time to time, add another cup of water when it decreases (100-150 ml).

Tip for the best bean stewed with garlic:

Wide pods are better for this food, not the fidelita ones, because they are more meaty.

There are housewives who boil beans in a lot of water, but the result is some beans that are fluffy, watery and without sweetness. It's not soup! & # 128577

Prepared in this way, stewed, the pod beans remain tender, slightly crunchy and with a special sweetness. Put the salt from the beginning, because in this way, it will remove the water from the pods.

My mother used to say about this food that it is like peas made in the morning dew & # 128578 & lt3

Leave it for about 30 minutes and then check a potato and a pod, with a fork: if the fork enters the potato easily, our food is ready.

If it is not ready, leave it until it penetrates well. The total time is 30-40 minutes.

Pea beans stewed with garlic

When the vegetables are well penetrated, turn off the heat. Now add the crushed garlic, in which you add a little freshly ground pepper (take 3 fingers). Gently stir the pot so that the garlic penetrates everywhere, then cover with the lid and leave for 15 minutes, then serve.

The freshly ground pepper added at the end is a simple trick, but one that will give it a special flavor.

This food is wonderful hot or cold, with hot polenta or bread. We like it with hot polenta.

Do you think I'm leaving out any steak for this food?

If you want, you can add a little dill on top, but there is no need. This food is extremely fragrant bean pods, as simple and cheap as it is delicious.

Does it still make sense to tell you how happy my brother and cousins ​​were when we ate this food? Grandma always praises us, she said that this food is so tasty because it was made by our little hands & # 128578

And she hugged us to her chest and kissed our chubby and flushed hands and cheeks. We can't wait for our grandmother to cook for us

We help her gather the vegetables and greens from the garden and then clean them. But Grandma told everyone we were cooking. How proud I was! & # 128512 & lt3

God bless you, Grandma, how long you will live! As only mats we have left & lt3 & lt3

We really like beans, peas of any kind, broad beans or fidelita and I cook it in many ways. More recipes with beans beans & ndash see here . You will find different foods, preserves, soups, salads & hellip

If you like this recipe and share it on social media, thank you. You can subscribe below, in comments, if you want to receive by email what new recipes I post.

Readers of the blog Pofta Buna! tried the recipe for stewed garlic pods:

The preparation of this recipe is not complex, but the preparation of beans takes more time.

Start by choosing healthy beans and wash them well in 2-3 cold waters. Then put the beans in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Add water about twice the volume of the beans in the bowl. The dish with beans and cold water is left in the refrigerator from evening until morning.

The next day, drain the beans, rinse well and boil in water until well covered. Bring to the boil for 5-6 minutes after the water reaches boiling point. The first water drains to remove toxins. If the beans are older, repeat the procedure twice.

Then boil the beans again in hot water. When the beans begin to penetrate, add a finely chopped onion and a cleaned and grated carrot. Later, add 2 bay leaves and thyme sprig.

No salt will be added to the bean meal until the end of cooking, so that the grains do not crumble.

How to prepare the sauce for low bean meal

Put the oil in a hot pan and fry a finely chopped onion in it. Mix well to penetrate the onion evenly. When it starts to become glassy, ​​sprinkle with a little bean soup. This procedure is used so that the onion does not get that taste of frying, harmful to health. Add over the hardened onion a red pepper, or capia, red, chopped into small cubes. Also now add the tomato paste.

Boil the onion with the tomatoes until a thick sauce results. Add to the sauce the garlic, cleaned and crushed with salt, as for mujdei.

When the beans are well penetrated, drain the soup, if there is much and add the onion sauce with tomatoes. Let the food boil for another 10-12 minutes, to blend the flavors. During this time the taste with salt and pepper matches.

Low bean meal with tomato and garlic sauce / Shutterstock

After extinguishing the fire, or during serving, add chopped green parsley.

The delicious low bean dish is served with your favorite pickles. But it is just as tasty with green onions or red onions.

Iahnie de fasole & # 8211 de post

If you follow the steps below, you will be able to surprise those around you with the tastiest bean stew, fasting. Here's what to do:

The beans are picked, washed in a few waters and then left to soften from evening to morning. In the morning, remove and bring to a boil in 2-3 waters, to eliminate all toxins. After boiling and the grain is soft but whole, it is drained.

During this time, cut the onion into scales, grind the garlic and put it to harden in a pan with oil. When the onion has become glassy, ​​add the beans and a little water.

Separately, prepare the tomato paste with salt, pepper, thyme and paprika, and if the paste is too thick, add a little lukewarm water and pour over the beans. Add a bay leaf and let it fall, at the right heat, in the oven. Serve with pickles and garnish with green parsley.

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Transylvanian low peas

If you liked our recipe Peas low, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Foods with vegetables. Tongue with low peas. Keep the meat in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then wash. Boil in 4 liters of cold water c. Ingredients for low peas. 500g or 1 kg of fresh or frozen peas. 1 large onion or 2 more suitable onions. 1 bell pepper (red or green) 100 ml oil. 2-3 tablespoons tomato paste baby pea soup butter green beans low Transylvanian. Fish salad with pasta (China) Ingredients: 300 g wide pasta, 300 g smoked fish, salt, pepper, 4 tablespoons oil, 1 hot pepper, 2 lime, 100 g cauliflower, 2 carrots, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon starch, 100 ml white wine, cinnamon, 2 tablespoons grated coconut. Re: Peas in simona sour cream sauce, that's right! when I thought about it for a month I was a little naive. and if you still have the misfortune of an insensitive team and you fire it and then wait for the second team for another two weeks until it is released from the previous works, the work stretches more than I would have imagined. in addition, any order lasts at least 14 days. Meat-free pea recipe, it is very easy to prepare and you can eat it on its own or as a side dish, along with a steak. Food d ..

If you want a hearty and fasting meal, you have found the right place, green peas with broth sauce is a solution available to everyone. The recipe belongs to my mother, very, very good and it's ready in a few minutes. Ingredients: 8 servings - a bag of frozen green peas (1 kg), 3 onions, 2 large carrots, 400 g broth (tomato juice), a few bay leaves, salt, pepper, 4-5 tablespoons flour, a little oil . If you liked our recipe Low Pea Sausage, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Meat dishes. Chicken ciulama with mushrooms. Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separate Low green beans with garlic is delicious. To prepare this dish with vegetables, heat the finely chopped onion. When it turns golden, I added 5 cloves of crushed garlic and let it cook for another minute. I added the pods (I had the pods from my grandmother's garden, frozen) and mixed a little, then I put 400 ml of warm water.

Do you have a craving for a hearty and tasty dish, but also very easy to cook? We recommend you try peas with white sauce and dill, a dish that will be appreciated by the whole family. Here are the ingredients needed for this recipe, but also how to prepare Low Peas - one of the dishes I grew up with and probably many of you. Pea dish, low pea, pea stew, whatever we call it and under any name we know it, is a classic Romanian food, always at hand, quick to prepare and definitely to everyone's taste Pork goulash - recipe for Transylvanian pork stew with onion, garlic and tomatoes Pork goulash - recipe for Transylvanian pork stew with onion, garlic and tomatoes. How to make goulash from [] Pipote stew and chicken hearts Pipette stew and chicken hearts. An organ dish with red sauce, cheap and tasty

Beans with sausages, recipe. How to make sausage beans. Sausage bean recipe with pictures. Beans with sausages, ingredients and how to prepare If you liked our recipe Transylvanian pea dish with sour cream, don't forget to review it. After you finish cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with personal care products from BaByliss. RECIPE PREPARATION Low peas with Transylvanian sausages, fast food, simple food: Peel the onion, chop it finely and heat it in a little oil. After 3 minutes add the paprika and then about a cup of water. When it starts to boil, add the peas. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 10 minutes. Low peas with beetroot salad: How to prepare Low peas with beetroot salad: Enjoy! Low peas 2012-06-17T22: 54: 31 + 03: 00 2018-05-23T15: 28: 44 + 03: 00 kitchen vegetables and garlic Omelette with peas, mint and pecorino Italian omelette pipipote Chicken stew with peas Spicy chicken stew Pork stew Transylvanian stew with pork Pork stew Pea and corn salad Spring salad and curry Pea cream soup Leek cream and potato soup with corn Pea salad with ricotta Spaghetti ..

Beaten beans or rubbed beans, prepared according to a simple, traditional recipe, as it was once done. The recipe is explained in detail, to prepare the perfect beaten beans. Some also call it bean facaluita, whatever I call it, it's the same delicious bean dish. Green pea recipe with smoked pork. Ingredients: 1 kg green peas, 500 grams of smoked pork, 3-4 onions, 1 tablespoon broth, dill, parsley, oil .. Bean meal with sour cream is a recipe with a special flavor, a summer food, light , with tender pieces of string beans and a fragrant, silky sauce with sour cream. Very good! It can also be made in winter, with canned or frozen beans, but in summer, made with fresh beans. Specific Romania. How to make low pea food Pea sauté with chicken breast Published on 10/12/2008 by Laura Adamache A delicious and very fast food with which I served mackerel, only this time I made the dumplings with dill and powder of garlic

Fasting pea food, delicious meatless food recipe Fasting pea food, meatless food recipe. Mancarea de mazare de post, cu morcovi si cartofi, era nelipsita din bucataria mamei mele.Desi ador carnea, in aceasta mancare chiar nu ii simteam lipsa, o mancam cu o deosebita placere ori de cate ori o pregatea Mancare de mazare. Mancare de mazare sau mancarica de mazare - fel principal sau garnitura aceasta reteta poate fi servita simpla cu mamaliguta si cateva muraturi sau poate sa fie o foarte buna garnitura pentru diferite fripturi. Mancarea de mazare se poate gati ca atare sau cu morcov, mie imi place sa adaug si 1-2 morcovi si putin ardei gras sau kapia Mancare de mazare sau mai bine spus mazare cu smantana, cu asta incerc sa va surprind astazi. E singurul fel in care imi place sa prepar si sa mananc mazarea. Plus de asta este scaparea mea cand nu am nimic gatit si vreau sa prepar ceva rapid mancare de mazare cu carne de pui. mancare de mazare cu carnati semiafumati. mancare de mazare cu carne de curcan. mancare ardeleneasca de mazare cu smantana. mazare picanta de post cu rosii si masline. mazare noua cu morcovi si marar la multicooker. mazare scazuta de post. paste cu rosii uscate si mazare. risotto bio cu legume. crema (pateu. Ingrediente: o salata verde, 4 catei usturoi, ulei, 2 linguri faina, 175 gr iaurt, sare, piper, 2 linguri smantana

Video: Mâncare de mazăre cu carne de porc, pui sau vită Savori

Nu am mai mancat fasole cu ciolan de ani de zile. Dupa cum stiti, noi nu consumam carne de porc, asa ca am pus reteta undeva la pastrare gandindu-ma ca nu am cum s-o reproduc fara sa folosesc ciolan de porc E poate cea mai populara mancare de post, deoarece e extrem de simpla, cu ingrediente putine si, sa nu mai zic, ieftine! Dar pe cat e de simpla, pe atat e atat de gustoasa, ca si uiti ca e de post Rețeta de mazăre cu chiftele suprinde prin prezenţă şi inventivitate dar şi printr-o modestie de bun gust. Folosirea chiftelelor în această reţetă, indiferent de tipul lor, nu face de altfel decât să scoată în evidenţă încă una dintre multele întrebuinţări ale acestora Mancarea de varza dulce este o mancare rapida, ideala pentru postul care va incepe foarte curand. Daca nu tineti post si doriti o mancare de varza putin mai bogata, va recomand sa incercati versiunea cu carne a acestei delicioase retete.. M-am chinuit mult timp pana cand am gasit in Italia o varza dulce asemanatoare ca gust si textura cu varza din Romania

Ciorbă de fasole cu costiţă afumată - delicioasă și simplă! Citește instrucțiunile și vezi cum poți face cea mai bună ciorbă de fasole cu costiță afumată A venit vremea sa va prezint impricinata de care pomeneam cand vorbeam de Fasolea si gadget-ul fermecat: fasole batuta cu muuuulta ceapa. Preparat traditional din bucataria romaneasca, gustoasa, satioasa si usor de facut, fasolea batuta este perfecta pentru postul care astazi a inceput. Exista multe variante de fasole batuta, dar va recomand sa o incercati si pe aceasta: cu bulion/pasta de. Folosită pentru feluri principale, dar şi în diverse tipuri de salate, fasolea verde este o sursă importantă de vitaminele C, K şi alţi nutrienţi, precum fier, magneziu şi calciu. Pentru această mâncare de fasole verde fierbe legumele la foc mic, pentru că în acest fel se pierd mai puţine substanţe hrănitoare Reteta mancare de mazare scazuta cu carne de pui si legume. Retete de mancaruri cu carne si legume. Mancare de mazare cu morcovi. Mancare de mazare cu cartofi. Mancare de mazare cu pui. Retete culinare. Mazare gatita

Ciorba de porc ardeleneasca (carne de porc, legume, smantana, oua, otet) + Mancare de mazare cu ciocanele de pui (mazare, legume, ciocanele de pui, sos de rosii) 15,00 RON Reteta Mazare scazuta cu carnat - Retete Culinare Supa de mazare cu galuste - Culinar.ro Mancare de mazare. Politica de confidențialitate 1.0 Principiile noastre de baza despre confidentialitatea utilizatorilor si protectia datelor. Confidentialitate utilizatorilor si protectia datelor personale sunt drepturi de care ne pasa si pe care le respectam, in conformitate cu legislatia in vigoare FABULOUS JUST EAT IT BURGER (600g) chifla premium cu unt, chiftea angus, chiftea porc, bacon crocant, sos chimichanga, salata lollo, rosii, castraveti murati, dulceata ceapa rosie, sos cald ceda De 1 decembrie se serveste fasolea cu carnati, ca o mancare traditionala romaneasca. Deci orice romanca trebuie sa stie sa o faca. Si evident ca exista foarte multe retete, fiecare cu stilul ei Chiftelute cu mazare scazuta. 16. Ciorba perisoare. Gratar pui cu cartofi pai cu sos de usturoi. 17. Ciorba de fasole boabe. Snitel de porc,cartofi la cuptor,sfecla. 18. Ciorba ardeleneasca de pui. Ciolan cu fasole frecata, castraveti murati. 19. Ciorba de cartofi. Snitel de pui cu orez cu legume, Salata de varza. 20. Ciorba taraneasca de.

Ciorba ardeleneasca de pui. Ciolan cu fasole frecata, castraveti murati. Gratar de porc cu pireu, muraturi. 16.04. sambata. Ciorba de cartofi. Snitel de pui cu orez cu legume, sal. varza. Mazare scazuta cu bacon 2 felii si oua ochiuri- 2 buc. 17.04. duminica. Ciorba taraneasca de legume. Friptura de Turda, cartofi aurii, sos usturo Mancare de fasole galbena de post. Culoarea galbena a pastailor vine de la flavonoidele, substante cu efecte antiinflamatoare si antioxidante. Culoarea verde a pastailor vine de la continutul mare de clorofila, care are o actiune depurativa si antitoxica

Tocanita de porc cu usturoi si suc de rosii sau cricala ardeleneasca se serveste cu mamaliguta sau piure de cartofi. Este o reteta de mancare foarte populara in Banat si Ardeal si este cunoscuta sub numele de adimoaca sau cricala de porc Mazare scazuta - e-Retete. E-retete.ro Re: Mazare scazuta. da, se leaga sosul doar cu ceapa si ardei, daca sunt date pe razatoare sau si mai bine mixate in blender sub forma de pasta. poate tu vei pune 1 ardei intreg ca mare iubitoare de ardei lasi sosul sa firba pana scade binisor si vezi uleiul ca se aduna deasupra Meniu Luni - Saptamana 5 > Supa crema de dovleac si crutoane- > Ciorba taraneasca cu pui- > Tocanita de pui cu orez basmati/salbatic si salata asortata- > Chiftelute vegetariene cu mazare scazuta- > Melc MiniPizza cu (ardei, rosii, ceapa, masline, mozzarella)- > Tarta cu branza si visine-.. Mazare scazuta cu bacon 2 felii si oua ochiuri- 2 buc. 17.03. jo. Ciorba taraneasca. Friptura de Turda, cartofi aurii, sos usturoi. Friptura de pui in sos de rosii cu paste pene. Data. Meniul zilei. Cina. 18.03. vi. Supa de galuste. Fasole iahnie, cabanos, varza murata . Gratar de porc cu orez, salata varza. 19.03. sa. Ciorba de perisoar

Ofertele meniul zilei de la restaurantele din Oradea. Meniuri vegetariene. Meniuri de post. Informații utile L-au votat nu numai batranii, ci si tinerii. Faza tare este ca se vede ca in Constanta lucrurile sunt pe drumul cel bun. Sa nu mai aud de orase gen Brasov, Timisoara sau cine stie ce suprematie ardeleneasca exprimata de nu stiu ce frsutrati. Cand o sa intelegeti ca betivul asta de Mazare este aperciat de contantteni pentru ca a facut treaba Vineri 29 Mai ,Zeppelin Bistro v-a pregătit pentru prânz cele mai gu. stoase variante: V1: - Ciorba ardeleneasca de porc/Ciorba de fasole verde/Supa crema de legume - Piept de pui la cuptor cu sos de blue chesse - Cartofi rondele cu rozmarin - Desert V2: - Ciorba ardeleneasca de porc/Ciorba de fasole verde/Supa crema de legume - Crispy wrap.


  • 1 kg carne miel (taiata cubulete marunte) ,1 legatura ceapa verde ,150 gr mazare verde conservata ,150 gr morcov rondele ,4 bucati anghinare ,3 cartofi medii ,1 ceapa rosie ,150 gr fasole verde conservata ,150 ml vin alb ,sare, anason, ulei masline, apa. miel ghiveci pasti salata verde scazuta
  • Pentru ca imi ramasesera prin congelator niste ciuperci, de cand am facut Snitelul cu sos vanatoresc, am pregatit rapid o mancarica de ciuperci. Gustoasa si sanatoasa, mancarea se pregateste usor si, in functie de preferinte, poate fi servita ca atare sau pe post de garnitura, alaturi de o friptura. Iar daca doriti sa faceti o mancare de ciuperci de post, este suficient sa inlocuiti untul cu.
  • Supa de pui cu galuste si mazare Fasole scazuta Estonian Kringel Tocăniţă de ciuperci cu mămăliguţă Friptura de gaina umpluta cu portocale ianuarie 2014 (9) 2013 (6) decembrie 2013 (3) aprilie 2013 (1) ianuarie 2013 (2) 2012 (7) octombrie 2012 (1

Tocanita de mazare cu carne de porc, Rețetă Petitche

  1. Bucataria ardeleneasca Gustul mancarii de acasa Anul IV. nr. 6. - Iunie 2017 Salata de cartofi noi. Ciorba de cartofi noi cu mazare. Ciorba de fasole verde. Fasole verde scazuta. in popor era traditia ca de Rusalii sa se prepare anumite meniuri, compuse in general din: Ciorba de salata. Sarmalute in frunze de stevie si vita-de-vie
  2. Tocanita de cartofi scazuta . Mucenici de post moldovenesti . Sarmalute de curcan . Prajitura Regina Maria . Prajitura ardeleneasca cu nuci, crema de ness si. Mazare servita cu friganele . Prajitura de post cu cartofi si gem . Cele mai fragede cornulete cu smantana
  3. Peste 40.000 de oferte de produse, echipamente și aparatură medicală, oferite de cele peste 2000 de firme medicale partenere, sunt actualizate zilnic pe ROmedic - cea mai mare piață medicală online din Romania
  4. 2. Fasole scazuta cu carnati de casa 3. Desert: Prajitura cu mere 4. Limonada 250 ml Tonight Bistrita: 1. Ciorba de pui a la grec 2. Chiftelute de porc cu mazare 3. Desert: Salam de biscuti 4. Limonada 250 ml Rapsodia: 1. Ciorba de varza cu afumatura 2. Piept de pui in stil mediteranean cu cartofi copti 3. Limonada 250 m
  5. Salata am spalat-o, am taiat-o marunt, usturoiul l-am tocat, iar gogosarul l-am taiate cubulete si le-am pus la fiert impreuna cu morcovii. Am avut pusa la congelator salata dinainte, impreuna cu usturoi verde si cu marar de asta primăvara, de cand era sezon si va recomand si voua ss dedicati putin spatiu din congelator pentru a va putea bucura iarna de aceste verdeturi, caci sunt binevenite
  6. ***EVIDENT AVEM NEVOIE DE O MANA ZDRAVANA DE FASOLE FIARTA SEPARAT :))) 4 carnaciori afumati uscati 1 carnacior proaspat afumat 2 cepe o jumatate de gogosa

- Ciorba ardeleneasca de pui cu tarhon/Ciorba de fasole verde/Supa crema de ciuperci - Chiftelute de porc cu sos de rosii - Cartofi piure ( naturali ) - Desert. V3: - Ciorba ardeleneasca de pui cu tarhon/Ciorba de fasole verde/Supa crema de ciuperci - Mazare scazuta - Carnati ardelenesti - Desert # Pret: 18.90 le Reteta de chisatura ardeleneasca. Chisatura cu ceapa rosie. Ciorba de spanac cu slaninuta afumata si bors. Video inclus. Plus reteta video. Mancare de mazare cu sau fara sunca. Tocana de mazare. Ciorba de fasole pastai, cu sau fara afumatura, o reteta simpla. Fasole verde scazuta, o reteta simpla, de vara, cu sau fara carne Bucataria ardeleneasca Gustul mancarii de acasa Anul III. nr. 12. - Decembrie 2015 Format: A4 Nr. pagini: 44 Pret: 3,90 lei (+ taxe postale) A trecut un an de la aparitia primului numar al revistei Bucataria ardeleneasca, in preajma sarbatorilor de iarna.Ne gasim din nou in atentia dumneavoastra cu meniuri specifice acestei perioade

ciorba ardeleneasca cu carne afumata, Ciorba ardeleneasca cu cartofi si carne afumata, ciorba de cartofi ardeleneasca, cum fac mazare scazuta, Mazare scazuta de post, reteta mazare scazuta de post, retete de post. Ingrediente: 1 kg de mazãre boabe 2 cepe 2 rosii 200 ml bulion rosii gros 2 legãturi mãrar. Fasole scazuta Ingrediente: 300 g fasole (boabe mari),1 ceapa,1 foaie de dafin,1 lingura zarzavat de ciorba,1 lingura sos iute 1 lingura pasta de tomate (sau un paharel de suc de rosii),50 ml ulei,sare, cimbru,marar si patunjel verde Preparare Moi fasolea de seara pana dimineata. Fierbi cate 5 minute si schimbi apa de 3-4 ori, apoi o fierbi 20. .. Preparare mazare scazuta: 1. Se dau pe razatoarea mare ceapa si ardeiul. Se taie morcovul felii. Se calesc 2 linguri de ulei incins timp de 2 minute. 2. Se adauga mazarea, condimentele (piper, boia si sare dupa gust) si mararul tocat. Se acopera cu 1 cana de apa. 3 Fie ca este vorba de o aniversare, o ocazie speciala in viata ta sau pur si simplu vrei sa te bucuri de o mancare deliciosa noi iti stam la dispozitie

Mâncare de mazăre cu morcovi - rețetă simplă Laura Laurenți

Iahnie De Fasole Scazuta La Cuptor Reteta De Post Ciorba De Fasole Cu Ciolan Afumat Reteta Ardeleneasca Adygio Kitchen Reteta Sos Alfredo Vegan Cu Paste Fasole Si Mazare Reteta Iahnie Sau Mancare De Fasole Reteta Simpla Ieftina De Pos Reteta de chisatura ardeleneasca. Chisatura cu ceapa rosie. Supa de vita cu taietei patrati sau lascute. Video inclus. Mancare de mazare cu sau fara sunca. Tocana de mazare. Fasole verde scazuta, o reteta simpla, de vara, cu sau fara carne

Mâncare de mazăre

26-feb-2019 - Esplora la bacheca verza di Teo su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Verza, Ricette, Ricette con verdure 06.03.2020 - Explore Florentina Georgescu's board Cină on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cină, Rețete culinare, Mâncare

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  1. Manastirea Ciocanesti . Manastire de calugari, cu hramul Sfanta Cruce (14 septembrie). Manastirea Ciocanesti Manastire de calugari com. Iacobeni jud. Suceava credinciosii din sat manastiri suceava locas de cult suceava calugarite suceav harta manstirilor mazare scazuta cu carne de porc. Manastirea Frasinei . Este manastire de calugari, cu 69 vietuitori
  2. Mazare scazuta de post retata de mazare scazuta post mazare de post mazariche de post cum fac mazare scazuta reteta mazariche mazare la cuptor cu carne mazare simpla retete mazare simple mazare cu sos rosii fasole scazuta cu jumari. Telina cu masline. Ingrediente: • 6 teline mici (1,5 kg) • 6 rosii • 4 cepe.
  3. Cotlet de porc cu mazare scazuta 80/200g Calorii 1369 1392 1254 1400 1313,6 Paine integrala 50g Barni 150 g Ciorba de usturoi 250mI Pulpa de pui la cuptor 80g Legume mexicane 200g Paine integrala 50g Prajitura 70g Ciorba de lascute 250ml Ceafa de porc la gratar 80g Cartofi natur 200g Muratura 50g Paine integrala 50g Fruct 150
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  5. MANCARE ARDELENEASCA DE MAZARE CU SMANTANA | Diva in bucatarie. Divainbucatarie.ro Mancare ardeleneasca de mazare cu smantana este reteta preluata de la soacra mea. Fiul si sotul meu ar manca foarte des, dar nu reusesc sa le fac decat o data la 2 saptamani sau chiar mai rar
  6. Fasole verde scazuta, cu carne de gaina - varianta dietetica E vremea pentru fasole verde, aromata si gustoasa ! Ingredientele sunt putine si la indemana : o gaina (mai mult gainuta ca nu a avut decat 1,2 kilograme ), la care i-am dat jos pielea, am taiat-o bucati potrivite pe care le-am pus intr-o tigaie de teflon bine infierbantata

Reteta Mazare scazuta - Gustos

  1. Ciorba de fasole galbena pastai sau zama de pastai, cum ii zicem noi acasa, este una din preferatele mele si o mananc oricand. Iar reteta este una cat se poate de simpla si economica, oricine o poate pregati
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  4. O mancarica rapida, buna si gustoasa! O ceapa alba, taiata marunt, se caleste intr-o lingura de ulei de masline. Peste ceapa se adauga cateva bucatele de carnati de casa afumati, se mai invarteste de doua ori, se adauga un ardei gras taiat si 2 rosii, o cana de apa, sare, piper, chili si foi de dafin
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  6. Cotlet á la Eszterházy Costite de porc cu cartofi copti Snitel Ardelenesc Ceafa de porc tiganeasca Cotlet de porc pane / gratar Fasole batuta cu carnati de cas

In ultima perioada am postat numai dulciuri, asa ca azi vin cu o rulada din carne tocata, umpluta cu oua si invelita in bacon. Avantaju.. 26.08.2020 - Explore Luca Mihaela's board Food, followed by 440 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mâncare, Rețete culinare, Gătit Ciorba de fasole in bol de paine. Supe si ciorbe, Ciorbe pentru ciorba de fasole: cca 500 g fasole boabe, 400 g costita afumata sau kaizer, 2 cepe, 2 morcovi, 2-3 linguri ulei masline, 1 cana suc de rosii, o foaie de dafin, sare si piper, cimbru, patrunjel verde, 2 ardei, o bucatica telina, busuioc..

Mazare scazuta Gastropedia - retete culinare minunate

  1. Retete culinare din Romania, site culinar cu mancare romaneasca traditionala de casa, idei de gatit acasa, gastronomie, bucatarie, preparate, mancaruri, carne, legume.
  2. Chiftelute de porc cu vita cu mazare scazuta si salata 16:00 Gustare : Placinta cu branza si stafide, paine integrala cu cascaval. Joi 8:00 Gustare Educationala : Paine Integrala cu cascaval, ceai, fructe si legume de sezon 12:00 : Pranz: Supa de zarzavat File de cod la cuptor cu legume si patrunje
  3. 22.02.2019 - Erkunde Georgs Pinnwand Suppen auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Suppen, Rezepte, Rumänische rezepte
  4. Din dorinta de a prepara totul cat mai repede, dar si pentru a obtine o zacusca mai dietetica, am renuntat la ardeii sau gogosarii copti si nu calesc ceapa niciodata. De fapt, eu nu prepar acea zacusca scazuta si uleioasa, pentru ca este cam indigesta pentru stomac, fiere si ficat, si nici nu-mi place. Depinde de gustul fiecaruia
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  6. Adaugam in carnea tocata orezul (pe care l-am spalat anterior), galbenusul de ou, uleiul, sarea, piperul si patrunjelul. Framantam cu mana pana se uniformizeaza compozitia

Comenzi: 10 00 - 16 00 0744 - 807 690, 0365 - 430 213: Preț ambalaj: gratuit: Transport: în oraș - gratuit, min: 28 lei împrejurimi - gratuit, min: 28 le Pieptul de pui il taiem fasii subtiri, il condimentam cu sare, piper, boia de ardei iute. Dam fasiile de pui prin faina, ou batut, pesmet amestecat cu fulgi de porumb si prajim in baie de ulei. Scoatem snitelele pe hartie absorbanta, apoi servim cu garnitura preferata, in cazul meu, mazare scazuta

Limba rasol este una dintre mancarurile mele preferate. Acum am facut-o cu mazare scazuta. Timp de preparare: 1 ora si 45 minute (complexitate medie) Ingrediente: 700 g limba de porc 500 g mazare boabe (1 borcan de 800 g mazare) 3 morcovi, 2 cepe 1 pastarnac 2 ardei grasi rosu/galben, 1 peperoni nu prea iut Cate calorii are orezul acela chinezesc(ou, mazare, morcov) cam 1 portie de 200g? Stie cineva? 9. julia pe 14 Octombrie 2010 17:16. mi se pare nemaipomenit sa cunoastem cantitatea de calorii a fiecarui produs,chiar menu, in parte.multumi

Fasole verde scazuta ardeleneasca Cautari retete-bune

29.11.2019 - Explore Liliana Codleanu's board Mâncare on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mâncare, Rețete culinare, Gătit Lucskos (Ciorba de varza ardeleneasca) Acum ca gasim din plin legume si fructe proaspete la piata, noi ne-am mutat acolo practic. Nu ma mai intereseaza ce au de oferit supermarketurile si le vizitam foarte rar Reteta piftie sau racitura de porc preparata de Boboteaza. Retete racituri sau piftii de porc pentru masa de Sfantul Ioan. Retete culinare traditionale romanesti. Aperitive si gustari reci. Preparate de porc pentru masa de Craciun si Revelion. Racitura din cap de porc, rasol si picioare de porc. Mancare traditionala romaneasca. Cum facem racitura si piftie Nu stiu exact de ce se spune ca o Supa de Pui te pune pe picioare cand n-ai energie, cand ai imunitatea scazuta, si mai ales atunci cand esti racit. Dana Dumitrescu Like 1

Mazare in sos de smantana - e-Retete

Posted in Cu carne, de porc, Retete | Tagged bacon, bacon de mangalita, conserva de fasole, fasole, fasole alba, fasole boabe, fasole cu bacon, fasole scazuta, iahnie de fasole, mancare de fasole, mangalita, piept de mangalita | Leave a reply File de crap în crustă de pesmet și făină de migdale Galler Mazare scazuta. Soup Recipes Healthy Recipes Healthy Food Hungarian Recipes Hungarian Food Romanian Food Chicken Noodle Soup Seaweed Salad Soul Food Supa de gaina după sarbatori. În acest sens apelăm, ca de fiecare dată când dăm de greu, la bătrâneasca şi universala supa de gaina cu fidea

Reteta - Mancare de mazare fara carne Bucataras TV - YouTub

mancare de mazare cu morcovi, mancare de mazare de post, mancare de mazare proaspata, Mâncare de mazăre, Mâncare de mazăre reteta, reteta cu legume, reteta Mâncare de mazăre, retete culinare, retete de post, retete usoar Mazare cu carnati Mazare cu ochiuri Spanac Spanac cu ochiuri si carnati Varza a la Cluj Salata de vinete Pui cu tot ce e mai bun intr-o bucatarie Berbec asa cum ii sta lui mai bine gatit Meniul bine cunoscut se tine intre orele 12:00 si 18:00, cu ora vesela intre 16:00 si 18:00, pretul unui meniu este de 25 lei. Apa, limonada si paine din. Ciorba de burta de post retete: cum gatesti ciorba de burta de post si cele mai gustoase retete de ciorba de burta fara burta, ciorba de burta, ciorba de burta ardeleneasca, ciorba de burta vegetariana, ciorba de burta vegana, ciorba de burta simpla, ciorba de burta moldoveneasca, ciorba de burta congelata, ciorba de burta traditionala romaneasca, ciorba de burta reteta originala

ARMONIE IN BUCATARIE: Mazăre verde cu sos de bulio

  • Restaurant Vegan CRIS, Oradea. 3.817 aprecieri · 24 discută despre asta · 653 au fost aici. Contine informatii utile in ceea ce priveste un stil de viata sanatos/Meniuri diverse/ Carti ca suport..
  • Versiunea 1. 2, Volumul I 80 de retete in imagini. Bucataria lui Radu. Cuprins: Aperitive si micul dejun 2-30 Supe & Ciorbe 31-48 Feluri principale 49-100 Conserve, muraturi, altele 101-108 Deserturi 109-sfarsit

Reteta Mazare scazuta cu carnat - Gustos

31-ago-2020 - Esplora la bacheca Romania di Fulvi Alipio su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Ricette, Cibo, Ricette rumene Fasole scazuta cu tarhon Bors de stevie Pilaf de stevie Salata de papadie Salata de ton Desert cu fragi Deliciu cu cirese Supa de oua fierte tari Sarmale de Stanimask Mâncare de miel Chiftele cu sos de vinete Supa de arpacas, scotiana Placinta cu carne si rinichi Biftec la gratar Antricot de vaca la gratar Sos de pâine Salata. Tort cu banane, ciocolata si crema de alune din: ouă, alune prăjite şi măcinate, pesmet, făină, zahăr pudră, zahăr vanilat, lămâie, zahăr, cafea neagră.

Ingredients Tocanita din carne de porc

600 gr carne de porc (ceafa)
2 cepe
4 catei usturoi
1 lingurita vegeta de casa macinata
80 ml bulion
1 lingura pasta de ardei dulce (din cea ungureasca)
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 lingurita sare
1/4 lingurita piper
1 varf lingurita pasta de ardei iute (harissa)
2 tablespoons oil
2 fire patrunjel

Preparation Tocanita din carne de porc

  1. Se taie carnea de porc cubulete. Se incinge uleiul intr-o oala si se prajeste carnea, cca 10 minute la foc iute, pana incepe sa se rumeneasca.
  2. Se adauga ceapa tocata marunt si se caleste pana se inmoaie bine, tot cam 10 minute, de data asta la foc mediu.
  3. Adaugam usturoiul strivit si dupa 1 minut stingem cu 1 cana de apa si adaugam vegeta. Lasam sa fiarba cu capac cam 10 minute.
  4. Adaugam pasta de ardei, bulionul, restul condimentelor (cimbru, sare, piper) si inca 1 cana cu apa. Fierbem cu capac pentru cca 30 minute, la foc mediu.
  5. In ultimele 5 minute adaugam harissa, gustam de condimente si mai adaugam daca e cazul. Cand e gata presaram patrunjel tocat.
    * in loc de harissa puteti adauga putina boia iute sau chili pudra o data cu cimbrul, doar cat sa fie usor picanta tocanita
  6. Serviti calda cu mamaliguta sau piure.

3. Stingem cu apa si vegeta de casa

5. Fierbem cu restul condimentelor

6. Tocanita din carne de porc

Fasole scazuta cu mamaliguta - Rețete

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