Provencal cabbage

Provencal cabbage

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Provencal cabbage ingredients

  1. White cabbage 1 kilogram
  2. Bulgarian red pepper large size 1 piece
  3. Large carrot 1 piece
  4. Large garlic 1 clove
  5. Boiled water 125 milliliters
  6. Sugar 60 grams
  7. Table vinegar 5 milliliters
  8. Salt 1 tablespoon
  9. Refined vegetable oil 75 milliliters
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Carrot, Pepper
  • Serving 6 servings


Three liter sterilized jar - 2 pieces, Nylon cover - 2 pieces, Table spoon, Cutting board, Knife, Deep bowl, Medium grater, Plate - 2 pieces, Fine grater or garlic bowl, Saucer, Deep bowl, Deep enameled pan, Flat plate, Refrigerator , Salad bowl or bowl for serving

Cooking Provencal cabbage:

Step 1: prepare the cabbage.

We wash the cabbage under running warm water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, chop the vegetable and transfer the cabbage shavings into a free deep bowl.

Step 2: prepare the carrots.

Using a knife, peel the carrots from the skins and rinse thoroughly under running water. We shift the vegetable to a cutting board and, using an average grater, rub it into shavings and immediately transfer it to a clean plate. Attention: carrots can be cut on a cutting board with a thin straw knife.

Step 3: prepare bell peppers.

We rinse the bell pepper under running water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, cut the vegetable lengthwise into two halves and then remove the tail and seeds. With the same sharp inventory, cut each part into a thin strip and transfer to a free plate.

Step 4: prepare the garlic.

We spread the clove of garlic on a cutting board and press the edge of the knife lightly. Immediately after that, remove the husk and rinse the vegetable lightly under running water. Now, using a fine grater, rub the garlic directly into a clean saucer and for now put it aside. Attention: instead of a grater, you can use the garlic to grind garlic.

Step 5: prepare the marinade.

Pour out 1/2 part boiled cold water into a deep bowl, pour salt and sugar here. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until the grains are completely dissolved. Important: add water as necessary, since if the cabbage itself is juicy, then half the norm of the water is enough. After pouring vegetable oil and table vinegar into the marinade, again mix everything thoroughly until smooth and we can proceed to the process of preparing pickled cabbage. Attention: 5 milliliters of vinegar essence is approximately equal to 1 teaspoon.

Step 6: prepare the Provencal cabbage.

Pour all the chopped vegetables into a large enameled pan, and do not forget the garlic, and with a tablespoon or clean hands, mix everything well until a homogeneous mass is formed. After that, fill everything with marinade and again mix everything thoroughly.

In order for the dish to be well marinated, it must be covered with something heavy. In this case, a three-liter jar filled with ordinary cold water and tightly closed with a capron lid will fit. On top of the cabbage “Provencal” we lay out a flat plate, always with the bottom down, and then put it on top of the jar. Now put the pan in a cool place and wait 4 hours.

After the allotted time, we release the cabbage from the load and plate, and pour the dish into a clean, sterilized three-liter jar, close it tightly with a nylon cover and put it in the refrigerator.

Step 7: serve the Provencal cabbage.

After four hours, the cabbage "Provencal" will be ready, so it can safely be laid out in a salad bowl or in a bowl and served at the dining table. The cabbage turns out to be crispy, moderately acidic, with a pleasant, barely noticeable sweetness. It can be served as a snack or as a main dish along with slices of bread.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- For cooking, you can use young white cabbage, then the pickling time will be slightly reduced.

- Provencal cabbage can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator, then it will become even tastier due to the fact that it will be pickled longer.

- To prepare the marinade, you must use 9% table vinegar and only rock salt.

- Such cabbage can be served with all kinds of side dishes. For example, it can be mashed potatoes, any kinds of boiled cereals, as well as meat of different preparations, from boiled to fried.