Sugar Free Cherry Jam

Ingredients for Sugar Free Cherry Jam

  1. Frozen cherries 1 kilogram 200 grams
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Deep pan, Deep bowl, Stove, Wooden kitchen spatula, Ladle, Kitchen towel, Sterilized half liter can, Sterilized screw cap, Refrigerator

Making sugar-free cherry jam:

Step 1: prepare a water bath.

First, pick up the inventory, to prepare this type of jam, heat treatment is used in the form of a steam bath. Therefore, you need 1 large deep pan and 1 deep bowl a little smaller, which fits snugly in the pan and does not slip off during cooking the jam. In a deep pan, draw ordinary running water and place on a stove that is turned on at a strong level. Calculate the amount of water so that when you put a bowl of cherries in the pan, the liquid in a deeper container does not boil over the side. Bring the water in the pan to a boil.

Step 2: prepare the cherry.

After the water has boiled, take a package of cherries from the freezer, open it, separate the number of berries you need in a deep bowl and immerse the container with cherries in a pot of boiling water. Do not defrost or wash cherries before cooking. Any frozen cherry before freezing is removed, washed and dried, therefore, frozen berries do not need additional cleaning.

Step 3: Cook Sugar Free Cherry Jam

The first 30 minutes of cooking, the temperature of the plate should be at a strong level, during which time the cherry will put in a lot of juice, which will completely cover the berries, and it will seem to you that you are cooking compote. Then screw the stove to a medium level and cook the cherry for hoursstirring occasionally with a wooden kitchen spatula. Gradually, during the cooking process, the juice will begin to boil and thicken. After an hour and a half cooking, reduce the temperature of the stove to the lowest level and cook the cherry jam for another 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally. The approximate cooking time is from 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on how much thick jam you want to get. Periodically check the water in a deep saucepan, if its level does not reach the bottom of the bowl, add a little liquid to a deep bowl and bring it to a boil again. Then screw the level of the stove to the desired temperature and continue to cook the jam as indicated in this recipe. After 2.5 hours, the mass in a deep bowl will finally begin to resemble jam, if its consistency suits you, feel free to remove the bowl from the pan, helping yourself with a kitchen towel, and if the consistency does not suit you, add the jam to the density you need.

Step 4: store the cherry jam without sugar.

After you have removed the bowl of hot jam from the stove, cover it with plastic wrap so that it lies on the surface of the jam. Then let the cherry mass cool to room temperature and pour into a sterilized, dry, half-liter jar using a ladle. Close the container with a sterilized screw metal lid, refrigerate and use as needed. The taste of the jam turns sweet and sour with a pronounced aroma of cherries.

Step 5: Serve Cherry Jam Without Sugar.

Sugar-free cherry jam is served at room temperature for children and adults as desired. It is poured into bowls or set on a table in deep vases, and small spoons are placed next to it and saucers are placed in order to conveniently pour jam and relish it with crackers, butter rolls, sweet cookies, or just fresh brewed tea. Also, sugar-free cherry jam can be used in baking, for the preparation of kissels, mousses and stewed fruit. Tasty and not expensive, enjoy! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Very often, in this type of jam for a more exotic flavor, put a vanilla stick, a sprig of thyme and cinnamon.

- - Remember that during the preparation of jam all the equipment that you will use must be thoroughly washed with detergents or soda, sterilized or treated with boiling water, this will increase the shelf life of your workpiece.

- - You can apply this method of jam preparation to several types of frozen berries, for example, to cherries, strawberries, currants.