Peeled eggplant

Peeled eggplant

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Ingredients for Preparing Pickled Eggplants

  1. Eggplant 4 pieces
  2. Lard pork or mutton 60 grams
  3. Garlic 5-7 cloves
  4. Salt 1 teaspoon
  5. Vegetable oil 6 tablespoons
  6. Ground black pepper at your discretion
  7. Parsley and dill greens at your discretion
  • Main ingredients: Bacon, Eggplant
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl, Cutting board, Sharp knife, Kitchen stove, Wooden spatula, Frying pan, Cutlery, Serving plate or portion plates

Cooking eggplant laced:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients for further processing.

Eggplant should be chosen without dents and preferably medium size. Fresh eggplant must be washed with cold running water. Then it is worth putting them on a cutting board, cut off the tails and "butt". It should be cut along not to the endto make an incision about the entire length of the eggplant. Peel the garlic and rinse well under running water, then finely chop knife on a cutting board. Cut the bacon into thin slices and into long pieces so that they can be inserted into the eggplant cuts.

Step 2: Fry the eggplant in a pan.

Pieces of finely chopped garlic (evenly distributing them along the entire length of the vegetable) and pork fat. Just add salt and pepper to your taste. If it is inconvenient to do so, then take it, pour salt and pepper, spices and chopped herbs into a separate plate, at your discretion, then roll the lard in this mixture and insert the eggplant into the cuts. In addition, all this can be fixed with an ordinary wooden toothpick so that the ingredients do not fall out during further preparation, as shown in the picture. We spread the stuffed eggplants in a pan, pour with vegetable oil and put on low heat to fry, after covering it with a lid. Occasionally, pour oil over the frying pan and turn over the stuffed eggplants. Thus, we prepare about an hour.

Step 3: Serve the eggplant stuffed.

Eggplants on the table can be laid out both in cold and in hot form, previously watering with the sauce that formed during frying. Separately, in the saucepan you can serve several types of various dressings, and guests will independently choose what to use eggplant with. For taste, you can add salt again. You can decorate the dish with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, sweet bell peppers and cucumbers. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Before frying, the eggplant can be soaked in slightly salted water for 15-20 minutes to leave the bitterness.

- - This dish can be used as an independent snack or as an original side dish for fish or meat, this is at your discretion.

- - Between layers of eggplant and bacon, you can also put slices of cheese, put it in place, about 10-15 minutes before the dish is completely cooked. It turns out a very rich and delicate taste.

- - Actually, you can experiment with this type of dish as much as you like. After all, as a filling for eggplant, you can use not only salted pork fat, but also tomatoes sliced ​​in round slices, sweet bell pepper, also thinly sliced. You can use various greens, in general, almost all the products that are in your refrigerator. The main thing is that they are combined with the taste of fried eggplant.