Homemade cottage cheese

Ingredients for Cooking Homemade Cottage Cheese

  1. Fresh milk (required) 3 liters (preferably fatter, then more cottage cheese will turn out)
  2. Sour cream or kefir 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Main ingredients: Milk, Kefir
  • Portion 5-7
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl, Large pan or bucket, Three-liter jar, Colander, Gauze (about 50 by 50 centimeters, folded in half), Cottage cheese storage container, Serving dish

Cooking homemade cottage cheese:

Step 1: Ferment the milk.

All utensils used, as well as gauze, should be well washed and perfectly clean. We must also be sure of the purity and quality of fresh milk, as we will boil milk very carefully (high temperatures are harmful for good cottage cheese). So, let's begin. Fresh milk is poured into a three-liter jar. If we have it homemade - preferably boilIf the storefront - then we will not. Add sour cream or kefir and put it in a warm place. If we have fat milk, it’s about 30% of cottage cheese by weight of milk, if less greasy, then less. Souring will take about a day. To understand when it is ready, we will see the bubbles on the walls of the can, and the milk on the surface will become solid.

Step 2: We start to cook homemade cottage cheese.

In a pot with high walls or a simple bucket we put a jar with a soured mass, pour water so that the water and milk levels are the same. We take out a jar of soured milk and let the water boil. Turn off the fire. After a few minutes, lower the jar into the water and cover with a lid or a deep bowl. Water should cool to approximately 40-45 degrees, in time it somewhere around 20-25 minutes. Then we take it out and see that two layers have formed in the bank: the upper one is more liquid, and the lower one is a curd clot. Set aside for half an hour so that everything is settled.

Step 3: Filter the cottage cheese through a colander.

Cover the colander with gauze and put on a large pan. We spread the contents of the jar on cheesecloth and slowly filter to make the glass serum. Next, you need to hang cheesecloth with curd over the sink and let the serum drain well, approximately 2-2.5 hours. Everything, our wonderful home-made cottage cheese is ready.

Step 4: Serve homemade cottage cheese.

You can cook from such cottage cheese everything that your soul and your desire desire. It is delicate in taste, very satisfying and mouth-watering. And you can mix the cottage cheese with sour cream of natural origin and sprinkle a little sugar or the corresponding sweet powder. We thoroughly mix the ingredients and get a very tasty, healthy and unusual dessert or snack that will appeal to adults and children, especially the latter. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Yogurt right after souring can not be warmed up, but can be folded onto a dense fabric so that it does not leak. Such cottage cheese will turn out liquid, but at the same time more juicy. I would not recommend putting it in the filling, but eating it is a pleasure.

- - Curd in gauze can be suspended for dripping, or can be put under the press. This will greatly accelerate its disposal of excess moisture, and, therefore, will contribute to the speedy preparation of the product.

- - To store cottage cheese, you need to pick up a container that closes very tightly. It must be kept in the refrigerator on demand.