Salad dressing with olive oil and spices

Ingredients for Salad Dressing with Olive Oil and Spices

  1. 0.5 tablespoon salt
  2. Olive oil 1 cup
  3. Ground black pepper to taste
  4. Ground allspice 2 pinches
  5. Ground white pepper 2 pinches
  6. Lemon 1/2 part
  7. Spice oregano cereal 1 tablespoon
  • Main Ingredients Olives
  • Serving 1 serving


Deep Plate, Tablespoon, Glass

Cooking salad dressing with olive oil and spices:

Step 1: mix the ingredients.

We take a clean deep plate, put in it a half tablespoon of salt, two pinches of allspice and two pinches of white pepper. They will give a tart aroma and make the taste of dressing more piquant. Then we add black ground pepper to taste - this will add a touch to the salad. We take half a lemon and hand squeeze the juice by weight directly into a tablespoon. In total, we need such two spoons. This will add some acidity to the refueling. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with a tablespoon. Now we take one glass of olive oil and add to the spices with lemon juice. Olive oil is much milder than any other vegetable oils and, of course, very useful for a person and his health. We take a tablespoon and again mix all the components of the dressing. Add one tablespoon of oregano spice to the plate and let it soak in olive oil, and infuse in lemon juice for 10 minutes. Oregano will give our gas station a rather interesting spicy and unique flavor. Then again thoroughly mix the ingredients with a tablespoon and season the salad.

Step 2: serve salad dressing with olive oil and spices.

Salad dressing with olive oil and spices is served separately in a gravy boat, plate or shallow bowl. This type of refueling should be infused, and the longer she insists, the more intense her taste will be. If you do not have time to insist, you can immediately fill the salad immediately after preparing the dressing. The difference in taste will not be big, but for the connoisseur who adds such dressing to salads almost every day, it will be noticeable. One thing I want to add is that spices and olive oil are very useful products for us. Only in such oil contains a large number of vitamins, one of which is vitamin E. In addition, the composition includes antioxidants, which, acting on our body, have good anti-aging properties. There is a separate article about spices in general. In a word - to your health! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Do not put more black pepper in the dressing than is written in the recipe. Remember that the oregano spice in the dressing is very spicy and has a bitter taste. If you add these two spices in large quantities, the salad will be bitter.

- - Instead of olive oil, you can use any other vegetable oil. It can be corn oil or sunflower oil. Although olive is much healthier than all other varieties of vegetable oils.

- - This type of dressing is suitable for any vegetable salads or salads with the addition of cottage cheese and cheese. So feel free to add dressing to your dishes and enjoy the taste of it!

- - This type of salad dressing can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator at a temperature of -3-6 ° ะก. The longer the dressing is infused, the more aromatic and sharp its smell and taste become.