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Apple and Cowberry Compote

Apple and Cowberry Compote

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Ingredients for making apple and cowberry compote

  1. Lingonberries / 2 kg. taste
  2. Peeled apples / 1 kg. (can be replaced with a pear) to taste
  3. Sugar / 1 kg. taste
  4. Water / 4 l. taste
  • Main ingredients: Apple, Lingonberry
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Saucepan., Bowl., Tile., Knife., Knitting needle., Scales.

Cooking apple and cowberry compote:

Step 1: choose cranberries.

Pay attention when choosing lingonberries for its appearance. It should look like a ripe berry, and it should not be rotten or rotten berries.

Step 2: choose an apple.

Although any variety of apples may suit us, there are more than 10,000 thousand varieties of apples. Still prefer green species, since they contain more of such an element as iron and various vitamins.

Step 3: prepare the ingredients.

After we chose lingonberries, and an apple, we proceed as follows. We carefully wash and dry lingonberries, do the same with an apple. We cut the apple into seven, eight slices previously cutting the middle. Then we put it in water, add citric acid (5 g. For 1 liter) of water so that the sliced ​​apple does not darken.

Step 4: cook the compote.

Dissolve the sugar in boiling water, gradually add apples and cook until the slices easily slide off the knitting needle. We take out the cooked apples and put the lingonberries in the broth. Boil until transparent, then take it out. In order to roll compote we take layered in a jar boiled fruit and berries, boil our juice, collect foam, fill in jars quickly close. Sterilization of cans occurs within (30 m) at a temperature (80 g).

Step 5: serve the compote.

How can you serve compote? Eat this holiday of your child, or you have gathered a certain number of friends, you can pour a certain number of glasses by placing them on a tray, cover the tray with a colorful napkin. Give preference to tall glasses. You can add to each glass a straw and a slice of lemon. Serve chilled. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- -When choosing glasses, you should not choose too high, as it will not be convenient to drink from them.

- -If you need more compote, increase the ingredients proportionally.

- -Keep compote in a cool place, this is especially true in the warm season, because it can quickly ferment.