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Sturgeon in sour cream

Sturgeon in sour cream

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Ingredients for cooking sturgeon in sour cream

  1. Sturgeon 800 grams.
  2. Chicken egg 2 pieces.
  3. Premium wheat flour 1 tablespoon.
  4. Sunflower oil 200-300ml.
  5. Sour cream (any fat content) 2 cups.
  6. Dill a couple of twigs.
  7. Parsley a couple of twigs.
  8. Salt to taste.
  9. Ground black pepper to taste.
  • Main ingredientsOsetra, Sour cream
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Refractory dishes, Knife, Paper towels, Plastic or wooden chopping board, Plate, Deep bowl, Frying pan, Wooden overturner, Wooden toothpick, Oven, Baking tray, Serving dish

Cooking sturgeon in sour cream:

Step 1: cleaning and preparing the wasptra.

To cook any dish from sturgeon, try to take only fresh fish. If you can’t do this and are forced to take fresh frozen, then her need to defrost in vivoinstead of using the microwave. Then you should clean the fish from thorns, skin, head, tail and ridge. To clean the fish better - you should substitute it for a couple of minutes under hot water or just dip in boiling water. To trim the spikes and skin, take only a well-sharpened knife. When you have only the filet left, you need to cut it into pieces of the size you like.

Step 2: Step 2: cutting and frying meat.

Then the meat should be a little pepper and salt. Now we take a shallow plate with flour and roll each piece in it. After that, you should dip the pieces in the egg and fry everything in a frying pan until it becomes rosy. When the fish is fried - leave all the pieces of meat for several minutes on a paper towel so that excess oil can drain smoothly. After such drying, we lay out all the dried pieces of fish in a fireproof dish.

Step 3: Step 3: Making Sour Cream Sauce.

Now you need to cook the fish broth. We take water - a little half a glass and pour into a deep bowl. There we put the fish’s head and tail remaining after cutting, add a little salt, cook over low heat 10 minutes, remove from heat and cool. After that, take the remaining oil from frying, pour it into a bowl, pour flour into it, stir well and pour the broth into it. Then put the bowl on the fire and bring the mixture to a boil. Only after that add sour cream to our sauce. Salt, a little pepper sauce and completely fill all the pieces of our sturgeon. Bake sturgeon in the oven should at 200 degrees. As soon as a golden crust appears on top, the sturgeon is ready.

Step 4: Step 4: serve sturgeon in sour cream.

You can serve sturgeon in sour cream on the table right in the refractory bowl, but you can just lay it out beautifully on a serving plate and decorate it. Sturgeon is quite tasty fish, so you can offer a huge amount of vegetables as a side dish to it. It will look most appetizing with lemon slices, greens, green peas or just surrounded by chopped onions. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - so that the sturgeon meat is quickly and well cooked, it should be lowered into a small pan, in which each piece will be almost completely immersed in oil. This process will only take you a few minutes, provided that the pan is well warmed up.

- - after you dip the pieces of fish into the egg, we advise you to additionally dip each in breadcrumbs. This will protect the fillet pieces from burning.

- - We recommend baking in the oven in an open fireproof container. This will prevent the fillet pieces from sticking together and turn into a homogeneous baked mass.