Steamed veal

Steamed veal

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Steamed Veal Ingredients

  1. Veal 500 grams;
  2. Carrot 1 piece;
  3. Onions 1 head;
  4. Greens (parsley, dill) to taste;
  5. Running water 1 liter;
  6. Black pepper to taste;
  7. Cubes for the broth 2 pieces (Maggi, Galina Blanca, Rollton);
  8. Salt to taste.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Plate ;, Knife ;, Cutting board ;, Steamer ;, Thread for dressing meat (cook twine).

Steaming veal:

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and dress the meat.

Dressing the meat is required to facilitate its cutting after cooking. Therefore, we take the twine and tightly wrap a piece of veal.

Step 2: Cook the broth for the double boiler.

We stir 2 broth cubes in water, it is over their steam that our meat will cook. With the help of a universal combination of various components included in their composition - the dish becomes unusual, subtle smack. Put the mixture on the stove and bring to a boil.

Step 3: Cut the carrots, onions.

Cut peeled carrots into small pieces, onion into 4 parts (if large) and 2 parts (if medium).

Step 4: Run the vegetables into the broth.

Prepared vegetables run in boiling broth.

Step 5: Cook the meat.

Place the meat on the wire rack, pre-salt and pepper. Close the double boiler with a lid. The cooking process is carried out for approximately 40-60 minutes on medium high heat. Important! You can check its readiness by poking meat with a forkif a bloody or pink liquid has formed at the point of entry of the teeth, the product must be added.

Step 6: Remove the meat and vegetables from the double boiler.

We take out the cooked vegetables and meat from the double boiler, let it cool slightly and drain off excess moisture.

Step 7: Cut the meat and vegetables into portions.

We carry out the cutting of meat in the right amount of servings. We do the same with vegetables.

Step 8: Serve the veal steamed.

Steamed veal is a versatile dish. In terms of quality, it is similar to chicken meat, but has a higher calorie content. The structure of veal fibers is much more tender than that of pork or beef. Serving the dish will be much more effective if you decorate the pieces with a lot of greens, mayonnaise or another sauce (to taste). You can serve meat in a large dish, with alternately spread bread with mustard. A good combination is obtained with veal and mashed potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Steamed veal will have a spicy taste and aroma, if previously greased with mustard;

- - Veal (like any other meat), which was cooked without frying and without adding oil - refers to dietary products;

- - Interesting, but the "steam" way of cooking helps to preserve the vitamins and the natural structure of the products almost completely.