Catalan mushrooms

Catalan mushrooms

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Catalan champignon ingredients

Catalan champignon ingredients:

  1. Fresh champignons (medium size) 250 grams
  2. Vegetable oil 100 milliliters
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. 4 cloves of garlic
  5. Bay leaf to taste
  6. Seasoning basil to taste
  7. Rosemary seasoning to taste
  8. Tarragon seasoning to taste
  9. Dry white wine 200 milliliters
  10. Purified water 200 milliliters
  11. Fresh parsley to taste

For the sauce:

  1. Balsamic vinegar or lemon juice 2 tablespoons
  2. Mustard 1 teaspoon
  3. Olive oil 2 tablespoons
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  5. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World CuisineSpanish Cuisine


Deep cauldron, Cutting board, Knife, Salad bowl, Deep pan, Garlic or small grater, Deep plate, Saucer, Plate, Tablespoon, Wooden spatula, Deep bowl, Teaspoon

Catalan champignon cooking:

Step 1: chop the onion and garlic.

Well, first you need to finely chop the onion and garlic. To do this, take a cutting board, knife and garlic. Peel the onion and rinse well under running cold water. We also clear the garlic from the husk and grind it with the help of the garlic. If this tool is not at hand, then you can use an ordinary manual fine grater or just a knife. We spread the crushed component in the saucer.

Step 2: stew chopped ingredients.

We put a cauldron on a medium fire and pour vegetable oil into it. As soon as it begins to heat up, put the onion in the container and begin the process of passivation. note - in no case do not fry the ingredient! After we add chopped garlic and spices. As for seasoning. You can add any additives you want, the main thing is that they give a pleasant aroma and you like it. In my case, I added bay leaf, chopped basil, rosemary and tarragon. It's nice that today in grocery stores on the shelves there is always a rich selection of all kinds of spices. Therefore, in any case, you will find something there for your taste. Mix all the ingredients well with a wooden spatula and simmer for several minutes.

Step 3: continue the process of passivation.

Now we pour purified water and dry white wine into the cauldron. You can take a wine drink of any brand or even your own making. The main thing is that the wine be dry. When we have mixed all the components, mix well again with a spatula and bring to a boil.

Step 4: add the champignons to the mixture.

To start wash the mushrooms under running warm water. Do not be lazy and wash each champignon well with your hands. It doesn't matter what mushrooms you have acquired, whether grown in a greenhouse or in a forest. In any case, dirt and sand remain on them, and this will subsequently ruin the taste, and grains of sand will come across on the teeth. After we cut off the coarse tip of the leg. Spread whole mushrooms in a cauldron to our mixture of onions, garlic and spices and cook in it exactly 5 minutes. After we leave the container with the ingredients in a cool place and allow time to cool.

Step 5: prepare the sauce.

To make our mushrooms really Catalan, you need to prepare a special sauce from a mixture of special ingredients. We take a salad bowl and pour vinegar into it with a tablespoon. Wherein take balsamic vinegar. Since this is a special type of grape vinegar, which has a sweet and sour flavor. The birthplace of his invention is the pretty Italian city of Modena. Well, if you did not find such a seasoning, then you can replace it with ordinary lemon juice squeezed from citrus. There we add mustard with a teaspoon, preferably classical, two tablespoons of olive oil and, if desired, if the mushrooms you get are not very sharp and salty, black pepper and salt. Mix well with a teaspoon until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step 6: serve Catalan mushrooms.

Our dish is almost ready. Finely chop the parsley on the cutting board. Put the cooled mushrooms in a salad bowl. Attention - Do not forget to lay out the thick remaining at the bottom of the cauldron. After all, without it, it would be another dish. And on top of the mushrooms, spread the chopped parsley. Gently mix everything with a teaspoon and leave for a while, so that the mushrooms are slightly marinated. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you don’t like the sauce in mushrooms in Catalan, you can replace it with other ingredients, which in total will also give a pleasant aroma and taste. For example, it can be honey, any other vinegar or tomato paste.

- - I recommend using champignon mushrooms, as they are very tender and pickled well. In addition, they contain many useful and nutritious elements, and these are proteins, carbohydrates, and a complex of vitamins and minerals.

- - If you do not like very spicy dishes, then be sure to adhere to the proportions when making the sauce. You can reduce the amount of mustard and garlic.


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