Christmas cookies with cheese and sesame

Christmas cookies with cheese and sesame

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In a bowl, mix the butter or margarine with the sugar, salt, and cold milk. Beat the two eggs, stop just a little in a cup to grease, add the rest to the dough. Add the baking powder and, gradually, the flour, mixing and kneading well, until we obtain a fluffy dough and good to spread.

I didn't leave it to ferment, this time I used it immediately.

The dough is spread on the work table (sprinkled with flour) in a sheet neither too thick nor too thin and cut with pastries or a glass. You can give them any shape you like.

Place the biscuits in the tray, on a baking sheet, join two by two with a piece of cheese in the middle, grease with beaten egg and then sprinkle over them fried sesame.

Place in the oven, on the right heat, for about 10 minutes in each pan, until golden brown. I got 2 trays and about 100 biscuits, considering that I glued them two by two.

Storage: Store in metal cake boxes.

Good appetite!

If you liked my recipe, you can also find it on my blog: http://ancutsa-cuisine.blogspot.com/2016/11/biscuiti-de-craciun-cu-cascaval-si-susan.html

Festive Christmas appetizers with crackers

When it comes to festive appetizers, it seems like ideas are never enough! And we don't even want to keep repeating the classics every year, it seems like there's room for news, doesn't it? But, at the same time, it seems that it would be good to be fast, easy to make, beautiful, tasty, to attract everyone to the table, not to be expensive ingredients, etc.

This time, we prepared a plate with some themed festive appetizers, only good to use for Christmas and New Year! I thought of them as a snack, a snack / breakfast, something to nibble on quickly, but to delight the eye and the taste buds. Thus, I built them in just a few minutes around oat crackers, which I also used in other delicious recipes.

If then I focused mainly on vegan recipes, now I thought of presenting solutions for omnivores, but also something in my style: nothing complicated, but creative and easy to do!

And I didn't use any crackers, but a selection of oatmeal crackers with cheese and oatmeal and seed crackers from the Scottish brand Nairn's, which has been producing them since 1896!

Nairn’s products are the highest quality whole oat food from Scotland’s border area, a place known for the perfect climate for the completely natural, pesticide-free growth of this type of cereal.

And, because I have received questions about these products since I prepared the hummus with olives and capers, I leave the answers here, to make it easier for you:

What makes Nairn’s products different?
 Flour-free - suitable for people with wheat intolerance (it is oat content, which is uncontaminated with wheat, and therefore gluten-free)

 Energy source - ideal for busy people

 Gives the feeling of satiety throughout the day

 Helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level - extremely important for diabetics

 100% Natural - do not contain hydrogenated oils, genetically modified organisms, dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives or other chemicals. Also, breads and crackers do not contain added sugar.

Biscuits with beer and cheese

As for many other good things in my life, I have to thank my husband for the recipe for these salted biscuits with cheese and beer. No, he didn't whisper to me the recipe for biscuits with beer and cheese, but he inspired me in a very funny way: a year ago I was celebrating his birthday and our guests were coming. Among many other appetizers, I had planned to prepare some mini pies with mushrooms and I complained that I still have hours of work until I prepare a puff pastry. My husband asked me if I didn't know any other dough that would be suitable for what I set out to do. I also answered with a question: what other dough could be more suitable? And he, because he was honored with a glass of beer, answered me amused: one with beer! More jokingly, more seriously then I threw flour, butter, salt and pepper, grated cheese and some glass beer on the table in the kitchenaid bowl, without weighing anything, according to the principle & # 8216om see & # 8221 (which almost never fails: P). What to see? Marvel! The dough was so successful that I went to another portion, trying to reproduce the & # 8222 accident & # 8221 and this time weighing everything. I simply spread the second prepared dough and made some delicious biscuits, which were appreciated by all the guests. No, I don't want to & # 8222pantent & # 8221 the recipe for biscuits with beer and cheese, more than likely I invented something already invented by someone else, somewhere :)). What I want is to propose to you, they are great to nibble on with a glass of beer, to be served with various sauces, dip, salads, but do not forget that the dough is splendid for any tart with salty filling .

Preparation time: 00:10 hours
Cooking time: 00:15 hours
Total Time: 01:25 hours
Number of servings: 2 trays
Degree of difficulty: environment

  • 300 grams of flour
  • 1 teaspoon grated salt
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 200 grams of grated cheese (whatever, over time I used, depending on what I had in the fridge, when rucar, when dahlia, when smoked cheese)
  • 150-180 ml. of beer (regardless of assortment)
  • optional: yolk for greasing on top (it can be greased or greased with a little milk), greens to taste (I used 1 teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary and dried thyme), pepper (I put), various seeds and salt crystals for sprinkling on top

Preparation Biscuits with Beer and Cheese:

First of all, I come back to the fact that when taken you can add in the desired proportion different flavors such as chili flakes, basil or dried oregano, you can sprinkle the biscuits with cumin, sesame, poppy or even nothing. I sprinkled them with nigella seeds and sea salt crystals.

1. For starters, put in a bowl flour, salt (1 teaspoon grated), butter cut into pieces and herbs, if used. With your fingertips, incorporate the butter into the flour (picture 1).

2. Add the grated cheese over the ingredients in the bowl (picture 2).

3. Add the beer a little, kneading quickly (picture 3). Only add as much beer as is needed to obtain a non-sticky, smooth dough.

4. The ready-kneaded dough is gathered in a ball, wrapped in cling film and refrigerated for 1 hour (picture 4).

5. After the 1 hour rest time has elapsed, the oven is switched on and set at 180 degrees Celsius.

The dough is divided into two halves and each one is spread with the rolling pin directly on a sheet of baking paper (as I did with graham crackers), in a sheet with a thickness of 4-5 mm. Adjust the edges of the dough, if you want a nice look.

6. Cut the dough with a floured knife or pastry roll, I portioned the biscuits into triangles but of course you can give them any shape you want.

At this point, the biscuits can simply be pricked with a fork from place to place and then put in the oven, or they can be greased on top with beaten egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of cold water or milk, then sprinkle with seeds, salt crystals or dried aromatic herbs. Don't jump over the fork prick phase, though. :)

Bake the biscuits one at a time, one tray at a time, in the preheated oven at 180 degrees in a medium position (in the middle of the oven height) for 15-20 minutes, until they brown nicely. After they have browned, take them out, detach them from each other, passing them with a rolling pin or a knife over the previously made cuts. I would emphasize that for a crispier texture you can leave them a little longer in the oven (without burning), especially if the dough was not too thin.

Allow the biscuits on the grill to cool completely. These biscuits are crispy, but not too hard, they are not hard, but not soft, they have a very, very good taste and a splendid texture. In the image below you can appreciate what the interior looks like, airy, with many fine layers.

Christmas tree appetizer

Christmas tree appetizer
Which child doesn't love to decorate the Christmas tree? How gladly we put the globes and ornaments on the tree with our little hands.
The joy is even greater if we can decorate more fir trees and that's why we thought of making one that can be found on the Christmas table. And as you know that we really like to play with cheese and colors, we found the perfect Christmas tree. I searched the internet for pictures and went to work.
All the cheeses used in creating this Christmas tree are from Delaco.