You Won't Believe These Things KFC Has Fried

You Won't Believe These Things KFC Has Fried

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Every so often, a report comes along of someone finding something in their food order that’s definitely not food. The most recent example? A guy who found a dead rodent in his wrap from Chop’t. But finding something mysterious in your KFC order is arguably even stranger, because when you discover it it’s usually deep-fried. We tracked down several instances of KFC serving some deep-fried things that were less-than-edible, and even found that they’ve served completely raw chicken.

You Won't Believe These Things KFC Has Fried (Slideshow)

Before we go any further, let’s mention that examples of KFC serving inedible deep-fried things are few and far between, and when it happens it makes national headlines. The chain famously claims to employ a “dedicated, trained cook” in each of its kitchens, so the odds of you receiving anything funky with your order are slim to none. That said, it still happens occasionally — and we can’t look away.

Every week, each location of KFC receives a shipment of on-the-bone chicken as well as the pre-mixed secret breading mixture (containing the famous blend of herbs and spices). Each piece of chicken is hand-breaded in-store before heading to the pressure-fryer, which adds a second level of safety against anything that’s not supposed to be fried.

Occasionally, errors are beyond the chain’s immediate control. Just this past weekend, for example, it was discovered that the company that supplies meat to KFCs and McDonald’s in China, OSI Group, was using chicken that had been expired for nearly two weeks in its chicken nuggets. But most of the time, it appears as if the issues that get KFC into hot water happen in its individual kitchens. Read on to learn about eight times when KFC fried and served something it really wasn’t supposed to.

2014: Hand Towel

In June 2014, a woman and her stepson ordered chicken nuggets at a U.K. location of the chain, and when the 7 year-old boy bit into a piece he discovered that it didn’t contain any chicken, just a rock-hard blue hand towel. KFC apologized and offered the mother of two a free meal; it doesn’t look like she’ll be suing.

2013: Kidney

In 2013, another UK resident, this time in Essex, got quite a shock when he was pulling meat off the bone of his fried chicken meal and encountered a “horrible wrinkled foreign body." He thought that it might have been a brain, but KFC confirmed that it was in fact a kidney.


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KFC Recipe to Prepare at Home

This is the closest one can get to the authentic KFC recipe assuming that the original recipe is still a secret.

Things you will need:

Ingredients you will need for a serving of 6 pieces:

6 pieces of chicken breast

1 teaspoon chilli powder or pepper

1 teaspoon mustard powder

1 tablespoon onion powder

Lard (as much needed for deep frying)

2 teaspoons Accent seasoning or MSG (optional)

1 cup cornflakes (optional)

Steps to prepare homemade KFC:

Collect all the ingredients as per quantity and measurements.

In a large bowl, mix the egg and buttermilk. Marinate the chicken pieces in this mixture.

Put the thyme, sage, basil, marjoram and oregano in a grinder jar and give a quick whizz.

Take the all-purpose flour in a plate and mix the herbs, spices and seasonings with it.

Pick the pieces of marinated chicken and roll them in the spiced flour. Let them sit in the flour.

In another plate spread the cornflakes. Crush them lightly.

Dip the floured chicken pieces in egg mix again. Now, roll them on the crushed cornflakes.

Heat the lard in your fryer up to 350 to 360 degrees.

Carefully drop the breaded chicken into the fat one by one. Let fry for 15 minutes or till golden brown.

Remove on to paper towel or metal rack and let drain.

9 Popular Food Cravings And What They Say About Your Emotions

Rather than expressing our emotions, we tend to stuff them down with food, which our bodies translate as comfort and fulfillment.

Scientific research shows that when people have difficulty identifying the emotion they're experiencing and ways to deal with it, they're more prone to binge eating. The more readily we can express our emotions, the healthier our bodies, hearts and minds will be.

Cravings are a window to your inner landscape. By deciphering the real meaning of your cravings, you can get insight into what’s truly gnawing at you from within. These are some patterns I've noticed based on my 20 years of working as a health expert.

1. Baked sweets (pastries, cakes, candy, pies, etc.)

Sweet cravings are probably the most frequent craving people report to me. These people are often working too long and hard, moving from one to-do list item to another and feeling exhausted.

The real reason for this craving is they aren’t experiencing enough joy — it's evaporated into their daily grind.

Alternative: Find an activity you enjoy and can indulge in for 30 minutes per day. Try taking a walk in the park, reading a good book, or treating yourself to a foot massage. Once you begin to let yourself have joy in your life, you won’t be on the hunt for those sweet foods to do the trick.

Those who like spicy food, even to the point at which their eyes start tearing, are most likely looking for intensity and action in their lives.

They love to be on the go — going to movies, traveling to distant countries, exploring new restaurants. When they haven’t made the time to do these things, spicy food becomes the option to “get them going”.

Alternative: What are small steps that you can change to give you the shift you need to feel “alive”? Trying stepping out there and taking a dance class that you haven’t tried before, like Zumba, or even venturing out to the latest blockbuster action movie!

When we eat lots of salt, we move the water in our bodies. Salt is like a magnet for movement and flow, which is important for helping people to “go with the flow” of life and relax.

Alternative: Find ways that you can sink into the moments of life and reflect. Try deep breathing, running, or meditating. You may even want to try watercolor painting — using the water to flow with your creativity!

We want to be in the midst of it all, absorbing all the information we can, and remembering it so that we can be at the “forefront”. At the core of all this mental juggling, is mental exhaustion.

Caffeine gives the false impression of keeping it all together and being mentally sharp, but really, it exhausts us further — especially in excessive amounts.

Alternative: Rather than that next cup of coffee or soda, give your mind a break and get some extra rest. Try taking a nap or going to bed early, then you’ll really be able to concentrate.

5. Crunchy/crispy foods

Crunch, crunch. With every crunch, it’s a cry of “hey, look at me!”

Perhaps we're angry and want to “snap” back at someone, but feel restrained. We might also want a “pat” on the back for a job well done. Crunchy foods give us the artificial center stage.

Alternative: See if you can understand what you really want to say. Write in a journal and when you're ready, try to express what you've been bottling up in a manner that's a win-win for all.

6. Chocolate

Ah yes…chocolate. Chocolate enables us to be blanketed with a feel-good, in-love feeling like no other.

It actually contains compounds that change our brain activity, so it’s no surprise that we have these feelings.

Alternative: Take a deep breath and think about love in your life. How can you make changes to give and receive the love you need? Maybe you need to get or give a hug the next time a craving hits.

7. Soft, filling starches

Squishy, soft, and comforting. Starchy foods like bread, pasta, and even rice sound great when we need some hand-holding or hugs. We're seeking comfort and sustenance in hard times.

Alternative: Instead of bread, talk to a friend or join a support group. Put your momentum in the direction of making your life memorable with opportunities that are creative and health-promoting.

8. Ice cream

Our connection with ice cream often takes us back to childhood and memories of the summer. It imparts a feeling of freedom and being carefree. So when we're feeling hurt, we start lapping up the ice cream.

Alternative: List ways you can soothe and feel free in your daily life — like riding a bike or taking a bath and reflecting on simple ways to heal those deep hurts.

For those with any “mother” issues in your life, whether over-mothering or needing mothering, cheese has probably been calling out to you.

When we need to be nourished, both physically and emotionally, it makes sense that we crave cheese. Cheese is made from milk, the essence of maternal nourishment. Cheese provides a grounding, earthy protein to keep us anchored into the human body.

Alternative: Do you need some nurturing and connection? Find a community that's meaningful for you. Create a space within a personal tribe where you feel safe to express yourself and share your inner thoughts.

Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to join our upcoming live office hours.

You Won’t Believe These 13 Insane Facts About Oreos

Oreos. An American classic ever since 1912. Dipping them has been the subject of perennial debate – fingers, fork, or a special dipping mechanism? Do you twist them open and eat the stuffing separately from the cookie halves, or just chomp away? A lot of these things are a matter of personal preference, but there are a lot of incredible things about these humbly iconic sandwich cookies. Read on to learn more.

1. Oreos were first manufactured at a factory in New York City in 1912.

The Nabisco factory was in the building that is now Chelsea Market.

2. When they created the cookie, Nabisco ripped off Sunshine.

Sunshine (who also created Cheez-its) started manufacturing their Hydrox biscuits in 1908. Hydrox biscuits (or “Droxies”) had a crunchier chocolate cookie and a filling that is less sweet than Oreos.

3. The origin of the name is a mystery.

Some say it is just short, easy to remember, and looks good on the round face of a cookie. Others think it has something to do with the gold-colored packaging in which they were once sold. (“Or” is French for “gold.”)

4. In the US, there are currently 7 flavors available, including the original.

The flavors are: Original, Chocolate, Chocolate Golden Oreo, Berry, Lemon Golden Oreo, Mint Oreo, and Peanut Butter Oreo. There are also two special edition flavors: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. Seasonally, other limited edition flavors come out, as well as color variations of the original that are meant to color your milk.

5. However, between the 100 countries where they’re sold, there are a number of regional flavors.

Other audiences get to experience a variety of fruit combinations and Asians get a deliciously cooling green tea ice cream flavor.

6. You’ve heard of Double Stuf, but what about Big Stuff Oreos?

Double Stuf Oreos were introduced in 1974. In 1987, Oreo introduced Big Stuff, which were several times larger than the original cookie. They even got a wacky 󈨞s commercial to go with them:

Unfortunately, Big Stuff Oreos were discontinued in 1991, probably because it was too hard to find a glass of milk big enough to dunk them into.

7. Double Stuf Oreos don’t actually have double the filling.

In 2013, a high school math class calculated exactly how much “stuff” is in Double Stuf Oreos, and they were disappointed to discover that these cookies only have 1.86 times the filling in the original. Mega Stuf cookies, which are supposed to have three times the filling, only have 2.68 times the filling in reality.

The only real way to get a truly Double Stuf Oreo

8. Speaking of the filling, it contained lard until the mid-1990s.

That’s right the Oreos of your childhood may have contained pig fat. Mmmmm.

9. Incidentally, in 1998 they became Kosher.

Oreos becoming a Kosher food (with the removal of the lard) was the nail in the coffin for Hydrox cookies, which until then had been the Kosher alternative. Droxies were discontinued in 2003.

10. Oreos are vegan.

Accidental or not, America’s favorite cookie is, in fact, vegan. Neither cookie nor cream filling contain any dairy products. However, some would refute this because sometimes the sugar used in them is non-vegan.

11. Enough Oreos have existed to wrap around the earth 381 times.

If you stack them, they’d reach the moon and back to earth more than five times.

12. Women twist open Oreos more often than men.

50% of Oreo-eaters open up the cookie before consumption.

13. Oreos are as addictive as cocaine.

Filled with fats and sugars, Oreos were found to be as addictive as psychoactive drugs in experiments performed on rats in 2013. Yikes. It’s been well-documented how the snack food industry uses a fatal combination of salt, sugar, and fats to hook us on certain foods and make us eat more than we need Oreos are no exception to this strategy.

The Presidency of Donald Trump - a dedicated thread (part V)

It wouldn't be too much of a challenge to avoid eating in any of those revolting shitholes.

Calling them "restaurants" is a bit of a misnomer though.

Donny's favourite news channel wouldn't agree with you.

David Duke has announced he is going to run in the Republican primary for the soon to be vacant seat in Louisiana next year

He'll almost certainly get nowhere in the primary, but not a good look for the GOP just for him to be standing

He's tweeting that guns shouldn't be in hands of mentally ill people. Reversing the background checks that covered that was one of the first things he did as President. Horribly ironic that the bill was sponsored by Rep. Sam Johnson, a Texas Republican.

What gets me, is that the hospital and medical staff are complicit in this Fake News.
The "patients" Trump met had been discharged, which suggests the girl was dressed up in a hospital gown and given a fake cannula to make it look like she was still on a ward? wtf is that about? They are just as disgraceful as Trump for facilitating this charade to pander to his ego because no one actually in the hospital agreed to meet him.

Anyone remember Dr David Nunn the surgeon who told David Cameron and Nick Clegg to f.uck off out of his ward?

Also just a note on how sloppy the White House is for releasing a photograph that looks like Donnie has tubes falling out his arse.

In this recipe, caramelized shallots and meaty Portobello mushrooms top a crusty whole grain bread. The savory flavors of the shallots and mushrooms mingle with a creamy, yet refreshing homemade cashew cream sauce that’s both lemony and a little cheesy. You’ll need to eat this Caramelized Shallot and Portobello Open-Faced Sandwich with a fork and knife.

19 Surreal Places In Kentucky You Won't Believe Really Exist

Kentucky is a state known for horse racing, bourbon distilleries, moonshine, coal, the "My Old Kentucky Home" historic national park, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, bluegrass music, college basketball, and Kentucky Fried Chicken - basically, a lot of great things.

Although that's a pretty long list, one thing that didn't make the cut are the surreal places found here and nowhere else in the entire US of A and we're trying to change that. So spare us a moment of your time and get ready to have your mind blown away because you absolutely won't believe these places are right here in the one and only Bluegrass State.

Cumberland Falls State Park

Where: Cumberland Falls, Daniel Boone National Forrest, Williamsburg

You have heard of rainbows, but have you heard of moonbows - better yet, have you witnessed one? Here at Cumberland Falls State Park the shining moonlight often reflects on the water particles from the roaring falls, creating an enchanting sight of moonbows.

Wigwam Village #2

Where: 601 N Dixie Hwy, Cave City

This photo may look like it's part of a historic rendition of a Native American campsite, but it's actually a themed motel. A few of the wigwam motels located throughout the west have been around since the early-to-mid 1900's and still remain operational, like this one. Each wigwam in Cave City has a base diameter of 14 feet and stands 32 feet tall, and yes, they managed to fit a small bathroom in there. Will you be sleeping in a wigwam tonight?

Funtown Mountain

Where: 101 Huckleberry Knob Rd, Cave City

Once a beloved Wild Western style amusement park for children, Funtown Mountain is now an urban explorers playground. After decades in operation, the park had to permanently close their doors in 2013 due to a decline in visitors. Many of the rides and decor have since been left abandoned and deteriorating. Admittedly it has an eerie charm about it, making for a pretty cool spot to take photos at.

The Kentucky Castle

Where: 230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles

These photos weren't taken in Europe this castle complete with watchtowers is fitting enough to be in fairytales - and located nowhere else than right here in Kentucky. The awe-inspiring castle-on-a-hill is actually an elite event hall and bed & breakfast, so next time you need a place to stay you should give yourself the royal treatment, you won't regret it.

Kentucky's Stonehenge

Where: 112-118 Lynn Ave, Munfordville

Since we are on the topic of old-time Europe, there is a Stonehenge replica that you totally need to put on your local destination bucket list. While the origin of this stone formation is less of a mystery than the actual place, it is definitely still an impressive feat. I mean seriously with a replica this great who needs the expensive trip to England anyway?

Ark Encounter

Where: Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown

Most people know about the life-size replica of Noah's Ark, but they don't realize it is located right here in good ol' Kentucky. The massive ship was crafted to the exact measurements specified in the Book of Genesis 510 feet long, 51 feet high, and 85 feet wide. Throughout the Ark, you will find model animal exhibits and explanations of how each animal would have fit into the ship, animatronics of Noah and his family, and plenty of information on the Biblical flood.

Vent Haven Museum

Where: 33 West Maple Avenue, Fort Mitchell

One man's nightmare is another man's heaven, and the Vent Haven Museum is definitely no exception. This museum celebrates the history of ventriloquism and features nearly one thousand dummies! Tons of people love this museum and even partake in their ventriloquist events, but this is one place you won't catch me at since R.L. Stine completely turned me off of these dolls many years ago.

Mammoth Cave

Where: Mammoth Cave National Park, 1 Mammoth Cave Parkway, Mammoth Cave

In Mammoth Cave, named for the sheer size of it, there are over 400 miles of explored passageways - making it the world's longest known cave system. The Native Americans were the first to explore the cave 2-8,000 years ago, and today miles of this tourist destination it still remains explorable. Makes you wonder how much of it is still unexplored.

Dinosaur World

Where: 711 Mammoth Cave Road, Cave City

This prehistoric theme park is enjoyed by people of all ages and features a nice stroll through the woods with life-sized dinosaur statues scattered along the way. Each of the 'saurs has a little blurb written about them so no need to be that guy, you know who I'm talking about.

Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland

Where: 9351 US HWY 68 W., Calvert City

Complete with an array of filthy toilets, thousands of toys, couches suspended in air, creepy clown murals, and dozens of other displays, this mainly-outdoor folk art garden is quite a sight to see. Good, bad, or ugly, the only thing we are sure about is that we are impressed with the creator's artistic "hillbilly" vision.

Mantle Rock

Where: Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, Smithland

Historic, natural, amazing - all those words come to mind when you see the Mantle Rock formation along the Trail of Tears. This natural sandstone bridge spans 180 feet and is 30 feet high, making it a must-see landmark if you are ever in the area.

Rabbit Hash

Where: 10021 Lower River Rd, Burlington

This town called Rabbit Hash is about as strange as the name. Life is done a little differently in this little municipality with an unknown official population a dog was elected mayor, the place to be is the local general store called Rabbit Hash, most of the town's original history has been lost to time. The more you read into this place the more it sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Pope Lick Train Trestle Bridge

Where: Pope Lick Trestle Bridge, Louisville

It is not so much the bridge that is unbelievable, it is the devilish legend behind it. Rumor has it there is a half-man-half-goat creature who lures thrill-seeking folklorists to their death by coaxing them into the path of a passing locomotive. While the legend is nothing more than that, there have been several deaths associated and documented on this train line. So is it just another wives tale or is something more sinister at work? We will leave you to decide.

DeHart's Bible and Tire

Where: US-60 and KY-174, Morehead

Who knew a set of tires went so well with a bible - or a new bible went so well with. Well, you get it. At DeHart's Bible and Tire they sell exactly what the name suggests, nothing more and nothing less. I guess that answers the question of what else do you need when you are on the road?

Colonel Sanders' Grave

Where: Camp Hill Cemetry, 1521-1599 Lexington Rd, Louisville

The man who put Kentucky Fried Chicken on the map was indeed real, and his grave still stands to prove it. People often bring their KFC chicken buckets to the site in honor of the great Colonel to this day, because, you know, 'Murica.

Chained Rock

Where: Pine Mountain, Pineville

A rusty chain keeps a massive boulder from land sliding and destroying the entire town. Does that sound a little hard to believe? Well, that's because the chained rock was actually a publicity stunt by locals in search of creating the perfect a tourist attraction in the 1930's, and it worked! For nearly an entire century the chained rock has been a sightseeing destination and it does not appear the rock will be going anywhere anytime soon, so we assume it will continue to be well-visited.

Troublesome Creek

Where: Clayhole

You have heard about the infamous "blue" people, also known formally as the Fugate family who had settled into Troublesome Creek to raise their family. The blue appearance on the family member's skin was due to a rare genetic abnormality. Due to this, the Fugates were often repressed from having a normal life in society, leading to inbreeding and ultimately allowing the mutation to live on. To this day there are still reports of blue people living in Troublesome Creek.

Gallop to Glory

Where: 140 N Fourth St, Louisville

Tucked away in the Galt House Hotel is the "Hall of Fame" for jockeys and racehorses. Here you will find the cemented handprints of jockeys and a racehorse statue commemorating the derby winners throughout the years.

Old Fort Harrod State Park

Where: 100 S. College St., Harrodsburg

Who needs a time machine when you can visit this state park. The Old Fort Harrod State Park is a nearly exact replica of the original permanent Kentucky settlement in 1774. You get to experience life in the fort as it would have been over two centuries ago while still having access to all of your modern comforts, like a clean running-water bathroom and cellphone service.

Three-Ingredient Crispy Oven Fried Chicken Tenders


  • 1 lb. chicken breast tenders about 8 tenders
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • 1/4 cup canola oil



  • Money Saving Tip: You can use chicken thighs instead of breast cutlets if you want- just cut them lengthwise into thin pieces.
  • Time SavingTip: I recommend buying chicken breast tenders already cut so you don&rsquot have to spend time doing it yourself.
  • You can add herbs, breadcrumbs, or parmesan cheese to the flour mixture, spices or hot sauce to the egg mixture&hellip this recipe is very basic and can be modified easily!
  • Looking for a paleo, lower carb, or gluten-free option? Try these Paleo Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers.
  • The provided nutrition information does not include any added sodium from seasoning to taste, any optional ingredients, and it does not take brands into account. Feel free to calculate it yourself using this calculator or by adding the recipe to Yummly.


Did you make this recipe? I&rsquod LOVE to see your creation! Mention @bowlofdelicious or use the hashtag #bowlofdelicious


In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson decided he wanted to try saving some money by making his own pop at home. Using a combination of powder and water he got pretty close but then absentmindedly left the concoction out on the porch all night.

Temperatures ended up dropping severely, and when he came out in the morning he found his mixture frozen with the stirring stick still in it.

Seventeen years later, in 1922, Epperson served his ice lollipops at a Fireman’s ball and they were a huge hit.

After introducing the frozen pop on a stick to the public at an amusement park, he applied and received a patent for a “frozen confectionery” that he named the “Epsicle Ice Pop,” and began producing it in different fruit flavors on birch wood sticks.

Watch the video: THE ACTUAL SIZE OF THESE THINGS, WILL FREAK YOU OUT!! #Shorts (August 2022).