Hasbro Gives Mr. Potato Head a Food Waste-Conscious Makeover, Debuts ‘Wonky Mr. Potato Head’

Hasbro Gives Mr. Potato Head a Food Waste-Conscious Makeover, Debuts ‘Wonky Mr. Potato Head’

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The toy will feature an irregularly-shaped potato shell in an effort to reduce the stigma associated with irregular produce

Mr. Potato Head has long been a fixture in the toy industry.

Mr. Potato Head, or merely his role in the Toy Story movies that helped define my childhood (and many others), the fun-loving potato figured prominently in our lives. Now, however, he’s getting a makeover.

Hasbro has paired with UK grocery chain ASDA (of $6 award-winning wine fame) to roll out a biologically accurate, oblong Mr. Potato Head.

The reimaging of this childhood classic doesn’t seem far-fetched. Mr. Potato Head actually started out in 1952 as an all-natural product. Until 1964, it was sold as a bunch of plastic parts that enterprising kids could stick into an actual potato. However, potatoes began to rot, and Mr. Potato Head was given a potato-like plastic shell — an fake vegetable incapable of rotting acting as a mascot for real, decaying vegetables everywhere.

And the thing is, real, decaying vegetables are a big problem right now. We throw out way too much food, and we don’t make sure that vegetables are eaten before they rot. Part of the reason why they are ignored is because of their odd shapes, and our fixation on perfectly-shaped fruits and vegetables.

ASDA and Hasbro are out to change that. By introducing “Wonky Mr. Potato Head,” Hasbro and ASDA want to champion ideas of tolerance. Not every vegetable (or person) must look and act alike. Not every potato must be round.

But Mr. Potato Head enthusiasts, beware: This toy is only available for the next six days. Get them while they’re hot (potatoes)!

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