The Louise: Modern Luxury in the Heart of the Barossa Valley

The Louise: Modern Luxury in the Heart of the Barossa Valley

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The elegant Louise Resort provides a romantic setting among the South Australia vineyards

The Louise is an inviting resort in Australia's Barossa Valley.

Situated in the heart of the Barossa Valley, The Louise is located a short hour’s drive from Adelaide. The resort houses 15 luxurious suites (where guests enter via a private courtyard) with a modern elegant design. Inside, the spacious living room and bedroom are decorated with flat screen televisions; fireplaces; unique lighting elements; vases, sculptures and paintings by local artists; and comfortable sofas and chairs in eggplant and raspberry tones.

The lush bathroom includes a heated floor, dual vanities, heated towel bars, a spa tub, a huge walk-in shower, wall mounted television, and an outside shower. Adjacent to the bathroom is a massive walk-in closet. Oh, and the outdoor secluded terrace overlooks miles of green vineyards.

The resort is home to Appellation, its signature 48-seat restaurant. Diners can choose from a daily changing chef’s tasting menu or order à la carte. Dishes incorporate fresh ingredients from The Louise’s gardens and local farmers, and include an heirloom tomato, ham, and feta salad; citrus-cured kingfish with avocado and lime puffed black rice; venison carpaccio; scallops with chorizo; pork belly with pickled carrot; duck with plum and radish purée; lamb with eggplant and picked vegetables; raspberry parfait; and cherries and blackberries with chocolate sorbet.

Guests can also choose from an extensive breakfast menu , which can be delivered as a dine-in meal, or they can opt for the resort’s “Breakfast with the Kangaroos,” option to dine picnic-style while observing local kangaroos.

The Louise also houses an infinity lap pool, gym, free Wi-Fi, in-room espresso machine, guest laundry services, and free bicycles.

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