Dessert apple pie

Dessert apple pie

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First prepare the filling so that it has time to cool.

Apples are cleaned of seeds and put on a large grater.

Mix with the sugar and put on the right heat in a saucepan. Do not put water.

Stir from time to time so as not to get caught.

When the juice has formed, reduce it completely, mix it with cinnamon, remove from the heat and leave to cool.

The flour is mixed with the baking powder.

Mix the other ingredients in a bowl for 3-4 minutes until the yogurt is homogenous with the oil.

Add the flour and mix first with a spoon and then knead by hand until the flour is incorporated.

The dough is divided into two parts for the two sheets.

Spread a sheet the size of a tray and place in the greased tray.

Press and stretch by hand and prick with a fork from place to place on the entire surface.

Put the apple filling and distribute evenly.

Spread the second sheet and place over the filling, press lightly and prick with a fork on the entire surface from place to place.

Place in the oven at 180 degrees C for 55-60 minutes until nicely browned.

After it cools, cut it into pieces and powder it with powdered sugar if you like.

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