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I didn't even know what name you would give me, I saw this recipe on a blog but again I don't know where, and I don't even know the name of the recipe anymore, the idea to put its name on the recipe gave it to me honest, thank you very much: :)))).

  • 2 larger chicken breasts
  • eggs
  • flour
  • frying oil
  • 1 lemon
  • soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil (first press)
  • 1 bag of corn flakes

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


Chicken breasts are cut into small cubes, and marinated in soy sauce, olive oil and lemon juice, marinated for 2 hours in the refrigerator, then infused on skewer sticks and given through flour, egg again the egg flour and then through the crushed lead flakes, they are fried in a pan with a lot of oil (oil bath) they are removed when they are nicely browned

Tips sites


cut the chicken breast into cubes as small as possible, otherwise being larger they will not fry well at all, you can break the skewer sticks in half, if you have a large pan you can leave them like that.

How to cook meatballs

For the second satellite dish turned out tasty, it is better to cook fresh meat - cut or chopped meat chops for you, because then you can be sure of the quality of the meat product. Magazinny semi-finished product meat must comply with GOST. Select this option when there is little time, and the pink has cooled and not frozen. Excite, bake, cook for a couple, or how much to take additional ingredients - it depends on the recipe.

If a family has a child, and you follow the figure, but you want to quickly cook something delicious and easy, to choose a win-win situation: minced chicken breast with added butter. Do not forget that it is necessary to beef with salt and pepper, and you can even mix it with bread, eggs (chicken, quail), sour cream, mayonnaise, oatmeal, to lush advanced burgers. Original recipes suggest that it is allowed to mix minced chicken with turkey or add mushrooms, cabbage.

With chicken breast

The peculiarity of this part of the chicken is almost completely free of fat, so the meat becomes dry. Make a delicious meat product by passing a lump through a meat grinder, finely chopped in a blender or a knife, you can thanks to butter or mayonnaise. Before frying in a frying pan chicken chops with cheese or other fillings should definitely zapanirovat: so that they do not fall out and come out juicy, and if they then put in a few minutes under the hood, they become very.

From the filling

The most popular, tasty, simple recipes, based on the fact that burgers made from minced meat. The ideal situation is when it is made of refrigerated but not frozen poultry. The second condition - did not buy in the store, and home-cooked beef. Take the time to miss the chopped (boneless) chicken pieces through a meat grinder or finely chop to prepare a foundation for delicious, juicy, tender chops, meatballs on skewers.

With chicken

In search of dietary meals that are calories would not cause the appearance of excess inches at the waist, look for those that are made with chicken instead of leg meat. A low level of fat in combination with chicken steamed meatballs make oatmeal or pumpkin the best choice for children's menu, nutrition of athletes and people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

With liver

Not much taste autumn organs, chicken liver, but different enough, subject to recommendations for its preparation, to feel the difference from poultry is almost impossible. The liver will not have a bitter taste if it is well washed, and then pour a large amount of warm water. If the by-product turns white, then just cut the liver, add the remaining ingredients to fry the dish. Since the chicken liver quickly prepared, watch the time and do not overcook.

With hearts

Wanting to quickly prepare nutritious meals that will not cause a feeling of heaviness, they opted for recipes with chicken hearts. The special taste will remain, but only spices and time will be added to make the filling, not as much as it seems. Remove the foil, cut large dishes, to give a little to dry, and then chop - these simple steps before you start cooking a main dish based on chopped chicken heart.

Did the insects sting you at the picnic? Cures for swelling caused by them

The first step you need to take after being bitten by a bee or a wasp is to remove the needle.

It is best to use tweezers. Then you need to thoroughly clean the place with soap and water and only then use natural remedies.

If a bee bit you

Garlic reduces stinging

In the case of a bee sting, put a slice of onion on the affected area, as it reduces inflammation. Place an ice cube over the onion, which helps reduce the burning sensation. And garlic is effective: grind a clove of garlic, mix it with a little coarse salt and apply on the affected area. This way, you will no longer feel the pain very much.

Cabbage poultice

Cabbage leaves are a very effective remedy to get rid of irritation caused by bee stings. Put the leaf on the affected area and catch it with a bandage. It is good to repeat this three or four times a day.

If a wasp bitten you

Cucumbers, & icircmp Against swelling

A wasp sting leaves behind a swelling of all beauty. Cut a slice of cucumber and put it on the spot, because it will reduce inflammation. Wine vinegar has the same effect as apple cider vinegar. Put a few drops and massage lightly.

Onions, against the burning sensation

In order for the sting that appeared after you were bitten by the wasp to disappear as soon as possible, you can apply a slice of raw potato for a few minutes. Arnica tincture is also effective, a plant known for its antibacterial effect. Apply as a compress to the affected area of ​​skin.

Coca-Cola secrets, in one graphic. Where does the slightly pungent taste come from

Can Coca Cola or Coca Cola Zero affect our health or figure? The company has made public the list of all the ingredients, and now you can find out the composition of these soft drinks.


Coca Cola Zero, especially preferred by those interested in reducing daily calorie intake, contains up to 99% water. The aromas, the only ones still kept secret, are natural and do not contain preservatives.

Caffeine ranges from 24 mg to 32 mg for a 250 ml serving, significantly less than the same amount of roasted coffee.

A 250 ml bottle of Coca Cola Zero provides 38 mg of phosphorus, which gives it a slightly pungent taste. In the European Union, the recommended daily dose for this mineral, in adults, is 700 mg.

Low-calorie sweeteners are the ones that give it a sweet taste. Coca Cola Zero uses a combination of aspartame, sodium cyclamate & acesulfame-K, all safe for consumption in the EU. Coca Cola Zero does not contain calories.

Sodium citrate, used in many foods and beverages around the world, helps regulate acidity.

E150d caramel is the one that gives it its distinctive dark color and is approved for use in the EU.

Classic Coca-Cola means over 85% water. It has only natural flavors and does not contain added preservatives. The bubbles are made only of carbon and oxygen and, consequently, do not contain calories. Until you take the first sip, most of them spread in the air, leaving that perfect effervescent taste.

Sucrose (sugar) ensures a sweet taste. A 250ml serving contains about 27g of sugar.

The content of caffeine, phosphoric acid and Caramel E150d dye is the same as in Coca Cola Zero. And last but not least, Coca-Cola contains happiness. 56% of people in 16 countries said that the taste of this soft drink makes them smile.

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Crispy Strips

Well, we all know that the Colonel's recipe is secret and that any homemade Crispy Strips will not be identical to those from KFC & # 8230 but we also know that what is in hand is not a lie, that a homemade recipe remains a recipe in which you know everything you put, you are not afraid of so many E's and crazy people, you know under what conditions you cook it, etc. I thought of a recipe that looks a bit like Crispy Strips and to be honest, they turned out very good! The secret lies in marinating the meat and then in the actual frying.

& # 8211 2 large pieces of chicken breast
& # 8211 3 eggs
& # 8211 2 cups golden cornflakes
& # 8211 2 tablespoons starch

For marinating meat:
& # 8211 a cup of milk
& # 8211 2 tablespoons garlic powder
& # 8211 2 tablespoons hot chili (one tablespoon if you don't like it as spicy as the ones from KFC)
& # 8211 a tablespoon of paprika
& # 8211 a tablespoon of pepper

First, mix all the ingredients for the marinade, cut the meat into long strips and leave it to marinate overnight. I use a zippered bag, which I definitely keep in the fridge.

When the meat is ready to marinate, make a sauce from beaten eggs, 1/2 cup flakes and starch, season with a little salt and pepper, depending on how spicy you want them. The idea is that the sauce must be quite thick, as you can see on the phone in the picture, so that the cornflakes stick as well as possible. Give the meat first by mixing the egg with the flakes, then with the cornflakes (which must be finely chopped - I use the sledgehammer for this purpose, so my nerves work better). Crisy Strips are fried in an oil bath, in a deep frying pan, tuci or fryer.

I don & # 39; t think I need to lengthen the story. very crunchy on the outside, spicy very well, what more, we liked it. Have a great appetite!

Chicken and sour cream tart is a fast, consistent and delicious food. Chicken breast, sour cream and vegetables are a perfect combination for tart. I spread the tart dough in the tray, I pricked it with a fork, I put a healthy hand of beans (so that it does not rise and swell and pull from the edges) and I left it to bake about 15-20 minutes .. Next time I will use my river pebbles (that I can reuse them endlessly)!

I boiled the chicken breast and finely chopped it. I also chopped the pepper, dill, green onion and I mixed them with the egg and 200 gr of sour cream, adding a little delicacy. I poured them over the chicken breast and mixed well, about the same for homogenization as for the parjoale composition :)).

In the baked tart dough I put the mixture of meat, vegetables and sour cream over which I grated the telemeau (on a large grater). On top I poured a mixture of 100 g of sour cream and 2 raw eggs, beaten well)

I put everything in the oven for 30 minutes, on the right heat.

Chicken and sour cream tart can be served both hot and cold.
The source of this recipe is the culinary blog Alice-Albinutza.

Boiling an egg: an infallible method

In the first phase, prick the base of all the eggs you want to boil to remove the air from the air chamber of the egg. Then, with the help of a spoon, put the eggs in the container in which the water boils and leave them for at most 10 minutes. If boiled for more than 10 minutes, the yolks will acquire a greenish outline and will give off an unpleasant sulfur odor, and the egg whites will acquire a rubbery consistency.

After the cooking time has elapsed, gently remove the eggs with a spoon and place them in a container with cold water. Now they are ready to be put in the paint or to be consumed.

You know how much an egg boils to have the consistency you want (sticky, soft, hard)? How do you usually eat eggs?

What to do after you have been bitten by insects?

The hot season also brings less pleasant phenomena, such as the invasion of insects that sometimes happen to bite or sting us. Regardless of whether you are used to going outdoors often or you are the type who stays more in the house or covered areas, incidents can occur anywhere and it is good to know what to do in such situations.

Move away from the area where you were bitten. Bees, in particular, are very noisy and will attract other family members. If we're talking about a wasp nest, don't even think about staying around them. Their group bites can even lead to anaphylactic shock. Keep calm and do not make noise, do not scream, because you will alert even more. If you have been stung, try to remove the remaining needle as soon as possible. If it was a spiked caterpillar, they will be harder to remove, similar to a stinging cactus.

If the insect is blocked (usually on your finger or hand, but can bite you, practically, from anywhere), try to remove it to prevent the venom from spreading and to prevent a larger swelling. If the insect is a tick, do not rush to snatch it, nor to crush it. You run the risk of getting her head attached or, in case of crushing, emptying her intestines in your body, along with the bacteria they contain. Use tweezers to remove it from a single movement, with a safe movement, grabbing it by the head, as close to the skin as possible. Then disinfect the area and watch carefully what reactions you have. A possible infection can also appear a few weeks after this bite, so inform the doctor when and from where you were bitten if you notice that there are manifestations that make you think.

What to do to prevent infection?

Wash the bitten area with soap and water. Then wipe the skin with alcohol or gel or antiseptic liquid, such as iodine or betadine. Shorten your nails if necessary, to refrain from scratching. This will cause redness and irritation. Apply an ointment with antibiotic and cover the place with adhesive dressing. But if you see that your skin starts to eat even worse and the irritation spreads, remove the dressing and let the area breathe.

What to do to relieve pain, itching and swelling?

Take oral antihistamines with an anti-allergic effect. Your pharmacist or family doctor can recommend the right product for you. Toto one of them can recommend a cortisone cream, which reduces irritation and soothes. It is good to use them at the same time and not by ear, but on the recommendation of specialists, as they can create addiction and / or side effects.

Apply an ice pack or a specific gel-filled pillow that is kept in the freezer for such problems. You should keep the ice in that place for at least a quarter of an hour.

After you've been bitten, watch your reactions! If you start to have a fever, strange symptoms, if your skin becomes infected or there are sensations similar to those associated with flu and colds, it should be a signal that you should go see a doctor. Do not think that it did not happen in a trip to the exotic country, where you have heard that they are strange and dangerous insects. Side effects can be dangerous in the case of native insects! It is always better to prevent than to treat. Buy special sprays or use protective lotions before going outdoors, especially in parks or green areas where there are animals.

The child was stung by a bee or a wasp. How do you give him first aid?

Many parents are scared just at the thought that their little one wakes up bitten by such an insect, especially since they know exactly how the whole scene will unfold: the child's wide eyes of astonishment, the scream of despair, the pain that time accuses for several hours, the sighs when he will remember the moment he was stung, the fear that will be triggered from that moment sometimes becoming a phobia of insects.

In some children, the sting of bees or wasps can trigger severe complications, allergic reactions, which can even lead to death. In general, however, they are more annoying than dangerous, leading to vague discomfort, which will change the child's mood a little.

How dangerous is the sting of these insects?

Everyone knows that such a sting can cause anaphylactic shock, which if left untreated can lead to the death of the stung person. Parents should be alert when they notice that the baby has the following symptoms:

  • Hives appeared on the body
  • Breathing is difficult, it even seems that the little one is starting to suffocate
  • The child complains of severe dizziness
  • The tongue, hands and face begin to swell
  • The body's state of weakness is obvious
  • The child fainted.

The intervention of the doctor is certainly necessary in these conditions, and the vacation can often be compromised. To prevent such conditions, parents need to know a few first aid measures in case the little one is bitten by bees or knows how to prevent them.

First aid measures:

  • Remove the needle that is (usually) stuck in the child's skin
  • Wash the area well with soap and water
  • Apply ice or cold water for 15 minutes on the sting site (put in a towel, T-shirt, etc.)
  • Pain reduction is achieved with a compress of water and baking soda
  • If the little one is over 6 months old, then the mother can give him an antihistamine to reduce the itching and swelling in that area.
  • The pain usually passes in a few hours, but the place remains swollen for about 2-3 days, so most of the time the parents do not have to go with the little one to the emergency room.

How does a caring parent prevent a bee sting?

It is always better to prevent than to treat, so a parent should consider some good preventative measures:

We often step on it without knowing that it can cure many diseases

Patlagina is a perennial herbaceous plant with broad leaves, located in the lower part of the stem. It blooms from June to August and is found on roads, pastures, meadows and in forests.

The leaves of this herb contain tannins, pectin, citric acid, vitamin C, saponosides and phytoncides, while the seeds contain mucus, protein and sugar.

Plantain is an excellent remedy for coughs, asthma and even tuberculosis. In addition, this herb cleanses the blood, lungs and stomach, so it is beneficial for all people who are anemic or have problems with their lungs and kidneys.

Plantain is a good medicine for treating all types of wounds, scratches, cuts, wasp stings, bites. If you put a plantain leaf in your shoes you can heal the blisters.

Improves digestion and treats gastric ulcer

Plantain can treat gastric ulcer if consumed frequently. The ground plant is easier to digest and releases all the juices that are beneficial for the body.

To prepare a natural remedy you need 300 g of plantain leaves and 1 kg of honey. Wash the leaves and put them on a paper towel to dry. Then pass them through a meat grinder. Mix the ground leaves with honey and put them in a jar. Set the jar aside overnight.

Consume one tablespoon of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Put the jar in the refrigerator. It is consumed daily, until the whole jar is finished. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated in the fall.

By consuming 2 liters of water in the morning, you can prevent the formation of ulcers.

Gastric ulcer occurs when the gastric mucosa is damaged. If the wall breaks, then the juices that regulate digestion enter the abdominal cavity and can cause inflammation of the abdominal tissue. The pressure felt in the stomach after a meal can be a symptom of a gastric ulcer.

Gastric ulcer is caused by various factors: stress, excessive secretion of stomach acid, circulatory disorders, medication. The risk is higher in smokers. The fast pace of the modern world and the unhealthy lifestyle encourage the formation of gastric ulcer.

Remedy for insect bites

If you are stung by a bee, wasp or mosquito, cover the sting site with a cotton ball soaked in fresh plantain juice.

If you have a wound and want to heal it faster, boil some fresh plantain leaves and place them on the wound.

Remedy for earaches

Pour a few drops of fresh plantain juice into the ear and the pain will go away.

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