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French fried liver

Ingredients for preparing fried liver in “French” Chicken liver 500 grams Freshly squeezed lemon juice 1-2 tablespoons fresh champignon mushrooms 300 grams Fresh medium sized tomatoes 2-3 pieces Medium sized onions 2-3 pieces Medium sized garlic 3-4 cloves Sour cream 20% fat 200 milliliters Vegetable oil for frying dishes Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Main ingredients Liver, Tomato, Mushrooms, Sour cream Portions 4 servings Print this list Products not suitable?
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Pickled eggplants for the winter

Ingredients for the preparation of sauerkraut for winter Eggplant 20 pieces (small) Fresh mint (leaves) 1 glass of leaves (1 large bunch) Garlic 1 head (large) Table vinegar 9% 1/3 glass Salt as needed Clean water (boiled and chilled) 1 cup Main ingredients Eggplant, Garlic, Mint Portion 1 portion World cuisine Russian cuisine Print this list Products not suitable?
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A fish

Salmon in the oven

Ingredients for cooking salmon in the oven Salmon (preferably steaks) 6 slices Hard cheese 100 grams Mayonnaise 0.5 packs Onions (large) 2 pieces Garlic 4 cloves Spices to your taste Cooking salt to your taste Vegetable oil 2-3 tablespoons cilantro 0.5 buns Bell pepper 1 piece Main ingredients Salmon Portion 3 servings World cuisine Asian, Oriental cuisine Print this list Inappropriate products?
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Bakery products

Banana muffins with nuts

Ingredients for making banana muffins with nuts. Butter 150 grams. Brown sugar 125 grams. Bananas 3 pieces. Premium wheat flour 300 grams. Baking powder 5 grams. Almonds 70 grams. Chicken eggs 3 pieces. Mascarpone 250 grams. Cream 20-22% 100 ml. Powdered Vanilla Sugar 100 grams.
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Bigos in Polish

Ingredients for cooking bigosa in Polish Smoked pork brisket 300 grams Fresh beef 400 grams Fresh pork 400 grams Smoked sausages or half-smoked sausages 200 grams White cabbage 700 grams Sauerkraut 500 grams Onions medium sized 3 pieces Parsley grated 3 tablespoons grated tomato paste 3 tablespoons size 5-6 pieces Ground black pepper to taste Pepper allspice to taste Spice coriander ground to taste Dried caraway seeds to taste Salt to taste Large size garlic 2-3 cloves Carrots medium size from 1-2 pieces of dry white wine 200-250 milliliters of sugar 1/2 teaspoon Main ingredients Beef, Pork, Cabbage, White Wine, portioned 8 servings World Cuisine Polish Cuisine Print a list of products not suitable?
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Portobello Salad

Ingredients for preparing Portobello salad Canned champignons 150 grams Salmon or slightly salted trout (better smoked) 150 grams Fresh salad mix (Romano, Lollo Rosso), 1 bunch Mayonnaise 2-3 tablespoons cherry tomatoes 50-100 grams Parmesan 100-150 grams Cooking salt to your taste Black ground pepper to your liking to taste Main ingredients Salmon Portion 2-4 World cuisine Italian cuisine Print this list Foods not suitable?
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